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How To Hide A Cold Sore

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When we hear about cold sores, we generally assume that it is caused due to cold, but that is not the fact. Cold sores can happen to anybody, as it is one of the most common skin infections. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting a cold sore. To avoid the embarrassment, one needs to hide this condition in a clever way.

These sores generally appear when the immune system gets suppressed. A research has revealed that if you are infected with a cold sore virus it can stay forever and there is no permanent cure to treat it. But suppressing it and controlling it with a few tricks is worth trying.

Cold sores are generally painful and not pleasing to the eyes. When it gets worse, it generally bleeds and can be emotionally and socially debilitating. One needs to make sure that the infection needs to be cured at the earliest, as cold sores are contagious.

Read on to know about the tricks to cover up the cold sores in a gentle way.


Always Wear A Sunblock

Make sure you wear a sunblock, especially during the chilly days. Studies reveal that the UV rays and cold tend to trigger the growth of cold sores. Applying it regularly can however reduce the outbreak of cold sores.


Slather On That Cold Cream

Apply a good amount of cold cream on your lips and keep them moist. This reduces the growth of cold sores and reduces the tingling feeling.


Do Not Pick It

Never pick a sore, as it can lead to blemishes. Picking on the sore will only worsen it and delay the healing process, which will also leave a mark behind. So, avoid doing it.


Avoid A Bright Lip Shade

Avoid applying a bright lipstick, as it will only draw more attention to the sore. Instead, cover your lips with a little bit of foundation and make sure you choose a neutral shade. Avoid using a concealer, as it can make the lips look chapped.


Avoid A Stimulating Skin

Avoid any skin product or beauty regimen and treatment during cold sores, as they may aggravate the condition. These products can increase the redness of the sores. This includes cosmetic peels, home peels, etc.


Use A Disposable Brush

While applying lipstick, make sure you choose a disposable brush, so that it does not spread, as cold sores are contagious. Avoid using these brushes at other times and make sure to dispose them after their use.


Apply Compressed Powder

Choose a good brand of a compact powder that is rich with sunscreen to protect the area and avoid redness. This helps to heal the infected area faster and dries up the cold sore faster too.

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