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7 Unknown Health Facts About Onions

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Have you ever wondered what people did when they got sick, during the ancient times, before the advent of modern medicines? Can you imagine life without those drugs that provide an instant relief from ailments?

Well, during those days, people relied on natural ingredients and remedies that helped ease away disorders and painful symptoms.

It is said that people during that period remained healthy for a longer time, as there were no modern medicines that harmed their immune system.

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Yes, certain drugs that we take today, like antibiotics, weaken our immune systems to a great extent.

We are so used to heading to a doctor as soon as we fall sick, and we forget that there are numerous natural ingredients in our kitchens that possess potent medicinal properties, which can reduce or cure many disorders.

It is always best to depend on natural remedies, as they are more effective and pose no threat of side effects. Many varieties of fruits, vegetables, spices, etc, can be used to treat different disorders.

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Many of you may already be aware of certain common medicinal properties of onions.

If you want to know more about a few surprising health facts about onions, then do read on.


Fact #1

Onion juice comes with anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief from minor skin burns, so the next time you have a small burn, just rub a freshly cut piece of an onion on that area!


Fact #2

Onion juice also has the ability to help ease away the pain or irritation of the skin from insect bites. Just rub a piece of cut onion on that area to find an instant relief.


Fact #3

If you start making raw onions a part of your daily diet, just a few days before your period is about to begin, you may find that your menstrual cramps may become less painful, thanks to onion's anti-inflammatory nature.


Fact #4

If you have ugly, painful warts on your feet, just rub onion juice over them and they'll gradually heal and disappear!


Fact #5

If you are attacked with a bout of flu or fever, just cut a few pieces of onions, place them inside your socks and go to bed. The next morning, your fever may have reduced, as onions stimulate the meridian points in your feet that help relieve fever and also decrease the temperature of the body.


Fact #6

If you are experiencing nausea, consume two teaspoons of onion juice, this method is known to help provide relief from nausea and vomiting.


Fact #7

If your hair growth is very slow and unhealthy, you can apply onion juice on to your hair and scalp and use it as a hair mask. Onion stimulates your follicles to produce more hair at a faster rate.

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