7 Strong Ways To Boost The Immunity

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We all enter this world with an inexperienced immune system. By following the right kind of habits and leading a proper lifestyle, we can build-up on our immunity level and live a healthy life without the fear of falling ill.

It is said that when the immunity system is good, there is no chance of any infection-causing pathogen to thrive in the body. The body will fight off the disease on its own, without affecting the entire nervous system.

Have you ever wondered why doctors prescribe antibiotics when your sick? The only reason is because antibiotics help to get rid of the infection and, at the same time, play a small role in building your immunity level, helping you to fight off the infection with ease.

What if we told you that you can build your immunity by saying no to certain things in your life and, at the same time, welcoming a few good and healthy choices, will you follow it?

If yes, here are some of the best and unique strong ways to boost your immunity. Your children too can follow some of these health tips, as they are harmless and are very effective. So, take a look:


Banish Passive Smoking:

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 toxins, most of which can irritate or kill cells in the body and further lead to a decrease in the immunity level. So, try to stay out of passive as well as active smoking.


Guard Germ Spread:

Fighting germs doesn't technically boost immunity, but trying to keep them off your paws is one way of preventing sickness.


Exercise Is The Key:

Exercising can help to keep your body active, which is necessary to keep the immunity system up and going. By being lazy, you are allowing your body to feel lethargic, thus putting to rest the organs in your body.


Sleep Time Is Important:

An adult requires about 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Sleeping for less than these hours can create havoc in your system. Sleep helps to boost immunity, as studies show that sleep deprivation can make you more susceptible to illness by reducing natural killer cells and thus reducing immunity. So, sleep well to lead a healthier life.


Fall In Love With Water:

Water is one of the best immunity-boosting fluids you can add to your daily dose of fluids. Drinking at least 3 litres of water in a day can help to not only boost the immunity, but also help to cleanse your digestive system and remove all the toxins from the body, helping you to lead a much better healthier life.


Sip On Green Tea:

Green tea is rich in one of the best vitamins that is vitamin K. This is a healthy drink, since it has properties that help fight off any infection in the body, without the necessity of you popping in any antibiotic pill.


Fill Thy Bowl With Veggies & Fruits:

Fill your diet with fruits and vegetables that will enable to boost your immunity naturally. Carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries, etc, are some of the healthy foods that contain immunity-boosting phytonutrients such as vitamin C and carotenoids.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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