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7 Harmful Effects Of Smoking Marijuana That You Did Not Know

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"Let's smoke a J", "It is time for some pot", "Good old Mary Jane", these are some of the phrases we hear quite often these days at parties or meet-ups with friends.

Most of us would know people who indulge in smoking marijuana or we may do so ourselves.

Marijuana, also known as pot, weed, doob, etc, has gained massive popularity, especially among the youth in the recent years.

Many people feel that substituting marijuana with tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, "hard" drugs, etc, can be relatively less harmful for their systems, as they feel that it is plant-based and devoid of chemicals.

There is an ongoing debate regarding this issue, wherein some people opine that marijuana is completely harmless, while the other group claims that marijuana, just like any other drug, comes with its set of side effects.

While it may be a fact that marijuana might be less harmful compared to cigarettes or cocaine; however, many research studies have proved that smoking marijuana on a regular basis can have a number of negative effects on your health.

So, if you are curious to know how marijuana can affect your body negatively, then read more below.


1. Clogs The Respiratory System

Smoking marijuana on a regular basis is known to clog your lungs due to the soot deposited, leading to conditions like dry cough, phlegm, etc. Marijuana is also known to worsen asthma.


2. Damages The Brain Eventually

Regular weed smokers are at the risk of developing disorders like depression, anxiety and also at a psychological dependence on marijuana, as weed is a "feel good" drug, which gives them a happy high temporarily, after which they tend to feel low and need a smoke again.


3. Weakens The Immune System

There are components known as THC found in marijuana, which, according to various research studies, are known to weaken your immune system and make you susceptible to diseases.


4. Causes Harm To The Circulatory System

Smoking marijuana is known to increase the blood pressure in the body and also the heart rate. This may lead to conditions like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases later on.


5. Increases Growth Disorders

When people start smoking marijuana at a very young age (around 13 years), while their body is still developing, it may lead to various developmental and growth-related disorders such as being underweight, having an under-developed brain, learning disabilities, etc.


6. Leads To Extreme Mood Disorders

Smoking marijuana on a regular basis can lead to extreme mood swings ranging from having an aggressive behaviour to being in an extremely indifferent mode.


7. Affects The Sex Hormones in Males

Marijuana abuse is known to affect male sex hormones like testosterone and can lead to the depletion of its production, thereby causing conditions like erectile dysfunction.

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