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7 Common Myths About Yoga Everyone Should Know!

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Lately, yoga has become quite the trend in many parts of the globe.

We have been told that practicing yoga is good for both the body and mind, which is a fact indeed!

Many people, regardless of the age and gender, are enrolling themselves into yoga classes or are practising it at home, with the help of books or online tutorials!

Apart from being a form of exercise, which aids physical fitness, yoga is also a form of practice that helps people attain spiritual discipline and mindfulness.

It is believed that yoga originated in ancient India during the pre-vedic era and the spiritual gurus, who were experts in yoga, introduced the practice to the western countries.

Every day, numerous researches are being conducted by experts who are trying to determine the various health benefits of yoga.

Researchers have opined that yoga is linked to the effective treatment of a number of diseases right from common cold to major disorders like asthma, schizophrenia and cancer!

There are certain myths associated with yoga, which may be misleading people.

We have managed to bust 7 myths about yoga in this article, have a look!


Myth #1: Flexibility Is A Must For Yoga

No, not everyone is born with a super flexible body. So, even if you are not very flexible physically, you can still start off with simple yoga exercises and, in time, you will automatically get more flexible!


Myth #2: Yoga Is Only For Women

Many believe that yoga is too "soft-core" for men and that men should only lift weights at a gym. However, yoga is an exercise form that can help everyone, regardless of the gender!


Myth #3: Yoga Is For Religious People

Many a times, people associate yoga with spirituality and religion. However, more than that, yoga aims at bringing about mental peace, discipline and good health in people!


Myth #4: Yoga Is For Young People

Yoga is a fitness form that can be practiced by people of any age. All you have to do is to choose a yoga form with less-intense exercises to suit your health.


Myth #5: Yoga Is Too Time Consuming

Practising yoga for just 10 minutes every morning is proven to help a person gain more strength and stability!


Myth #6: Yoga Is Of One Type Only

There are various types of yoga to suit the health and fitness needs of different people. For example, Vinyasa yoga concentrates on breathing techniques, hatha yoga involves slow, simple movements, power yoga is more intense, and so on!


Myth #7: People With Disorders Should Not Perform Yoga

Yoga is a form of treatment to cure many disorders, so just talk to your trainers beforehand, so that they can customise a yoga routine for you based on your health condition.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 13:31 [IST]
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