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7 Scary Facts About Seizures That You Must Read!

Some of us may have witnessed people experiencing an ecliptic seizure, right? If yes, we would know how scary it can be! There are a few interesting facts about seizures that we must be aware of.

A seizure can be described as an episode that brings about sudden physical changes due to an abnormal electric activity that occurs in the brain.

A seizure comprises of symptoms like sudden, uncontrollable vibrations of the body, jerking movements of various parts, drooling, fainting, teeth clenching, loss of bladder and bowel control, etc.

These symptoms occur when these is a sudden surge in the brain's activities and the muscles of the body start to contract and relax rapidly.

Seizures are also known as fits and convulsions, and this episode is mainly associated with people suffering from epilepsy.

However, there could be various other causes for seizures, apart from epilepsy.

If not given an immediate medical attention and treatment, people experiencing seizures can face fatal consequences.

Here are a few scary facts about seizures for you to learn about, have a look!

Fact #1

Many people associate seizures with just epilepsy; however, seizures can be caused by other conditions like brain infection, brain injury, drug abuse, high fever, brain tumour, heart diseases, etc.

Fact #2

Instances of seizure are seen more in senior citizens or people above the age of 65 years probably due to age-related depletion of brain cells.

Fact #3

When a person experiences a partial seizure, he/she can experience symptoms like a clicking or ringing sound in the ear, numbness of certain body parts, etc.

Fact #4

If a pregnant woman experiences seizures often, it can seriously harm the health of her baby even more, and more so if she is taking medications to treat the seizures! So, proper medical advice is required.

Fact #5

The fact is that some people experience signs of an impending seizure days before it can occur, like irritability, headaches, poor vision, anxiety, etc. So, these symptoms must not be taken lightly!

Fact #6

Treatment for seizures vary for different people, as the intensity and frequency of convulsions are different in different people. So, a thorough medical diagnosis is necessary.

Fact #7

Even venomous bites from certain insects or snakes can induce a seizure in a person and the victim needs to be rushed to the hospital immediately!

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Story first published: Friday, October 21, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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