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Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand Pose) To Stimulate Abdominal Organs

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Do you have constant problems with your abdominal organs; for instance, are your liver and pancreas not functioning properly? You have tried several measures but failed to find good results. So how do we stimulate these abdominal organs?

When we refer to the abdominal organs, it mainly comprises of digestive organs - stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver and the gall bladder. Any damage to these organs will severely affect the whole functioning of the body.

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Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand Pose) To Stimulate Abdominal Organs

If you are looking out for a long term solution to stimulate the abdominal organs then the best option would be to take up yoga asana.

Of the several yoga asanas, Salamba Sarvangasana which is also known as the Supported Shoulderstand Pose is one of the best yoga asanas to stimulate the abdominal organs.

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The word Salamba Sarvangasana comes from the Sanskrit words 'Sa' which means with, 'Alamba' which means support, 'Sarva' which means all, 'Anga' which means limb and 'Asana' which means pose.

This Salamba Sarvangasana is known as the queen of yoga asanas. Initially it might be difficult for a beginner as it requires a lot of body balance to perform this asana. However, with continuous practise it becomes easier.

Here is a step-wise procedure to perform Salamba Sarvangasana. Take a look.

Step-by-step Procedure To Perform Salamba Sarvangasana:

1. To start off, lie down flat on the ground, with your legs and hands lying freely on the ground.

2. Slowly bend your knees so that the soles of your feet rest on the ground.

3. Using your abdominal muscles slowly lift your legs and hips up from the floor.

4. The knees should be moved towards the face and the torso should be perpendicular to the floor.

5. The hands should be placed on your lower back and provide a support to your hips.

Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand Pose) To Stimulate Abdominal Organs

6. Take a deep breath and once you are stable, slowly lift your thighs up.

7. The feet should be made straight pointing towards the ceiling.

8. Your hips, feet and shoulders should fall in one straight line.

9. Both your neck and shoulder should be in line with the spine.

10. Hold on to the position for a few seconds to a few minutes.

11. Slowly come out of the position.

Other Benefits Of Salamba Sarvangasana:

It helps to stimulate the thyroid.

It helps to improve digestion.

It helps to reduce fatigue.

It provides relief from mucus.

It helps to provide relief from insomnia.

It helps to provide relief from asthma.

It helps to provide relief from stress.

It helps to calm the mind.

It helps to improve concentration.


Salamba Sarvangasana is well known to stimulate the abdominal organs but it should be practised with caution. Those suffering from neck injury or neck pain should avoid practising this asana. Also, those suffering from headaches and high blood pressure should make it a point to practise only under the supervision of a trained yoga instructor.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2016, 15:31 [IST]
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