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14 Kitchen Spices To Prevent And Manage Diabetes
Lifestyle and dietary pattern matter a lot when it comes to preventing chronic disease in the years to come. Diabetes is among the top five chronic diseases in the world and also one of the leading causes of disability and mortality. ...
What Is Pancreatitis? All You Need To Know
Pancreatitis is indicated when there is a swelling of the pancreas. An abdominal gland located behind the stomach in the upper abdomen is the pancreas. Pancreas mainly regulates the blood sugar and digestive system, which are done by the hormones and ...
Best And Natural Foods For The Pancreas
Pancreas is an important part of the body. It plays a vital role in keeping the digestion system functioning smooth. Further, the stomach empties the ingested food in the small intestine with the help of the digestive enzymes from the pancreas, ...
Best 10 Foods For The Pancreas That You Must Eat Every Day
Pancreas plays a very important role in the digestion process. Without the pancreas, it is not possible for the body to absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat. The pancreas has the ability to release enzymes, which neutralize the stomach ...
Warning Signs That Your Pancreas Is In Trouble
Pancreatic cancer is the twelfth most diagnosed type of cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer death overall. The biggest risk factor for developing pancreatic cancer is smoking. Other causes of pancreatic cancer that may be controlled are obesity and ...
Warning Signs That Your Pancreas In In Trouble
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