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What Is Pancreatitis? All You Need To Know

By Avni Porwal

Pancreatitis is indicated when there is a swelling of the pancreas. An abdominal gland located behind the stomach in the upper abdomen is the pancreas. Pancreas mainly regulates the blood sugar and digestive system, which are done by the hormones and enzymes secreted by the pancreas.

The digestive enzymes are being released through the pancreatic duct directly into the small intestine, in which they're activated to be broken down into fats and proteins. The digestive hormones, insulin, and glucagon, secreted in the pancreas, are dropped into the stream in blood to control blood sugar metabolism.

pancreatitis symptoms

1. Classification of Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis can be classified as follows:-

Acute pancreatitis - It commonly grows instantaneously and it is commonly a short span illness of a few days or weeks and this form of the disease can be cured by proper medical treatment.

Chronic pancreatitis - If a patient suffers from acute pancreatitis, several times, then finally the patient develops the symptom of chronic pancreatitis. It can continue for months or several years.

When the pancreatitis is severe, it can affect even the lungs and kidneys.

2. How can you Judge that Pancreatitis is Round the Corner for a Person?

  • Upper abdominal pain occurs, which shows there is a possibility of pancreatitis.
  • Abdominal pain slowly creeping into the pain in the back also lends a possibility of this disease.
  • Vomiting tendency also reveals a possibility of the illness.
  • Excessive pain in the stomach or abdomen after lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Fever, lethargy and weakness also lend a possibility to pancreatitis.
  • Sudden weight loss, rotten smell of stool and also the oily stool.

Thus, through the above-discussed reasons, one can judge that a person is on the verge of having either an acute or chronic pancreatitis.

3. Various Reasons Behind Pancreatitis Occurrence

Let us discuss the various causes that can lead to the pancreatitis disease:-

  • Excessive alcohol consumption leads to pancreatitis.
  • Gallstones presence also causes this disease.
  • Triglyceride levels on the higher side are also the reason behind the disease.
  • If there is the occurrence of some abdominal surgery on a person, then as a result of that surgery pancreatitis might develop in some cases.
  • Excessive smoking is also a reason for pancreatitis.
  • If there is a family history of pancreatitis, then the concerned person might also develop the disease sometimes in his lifespan.
  • If a person is in touch with certain chemicals, then it too leads to that disease.
  • Certain medicines also result in the disease as a side effect.

4. Diagnosis of Pancreatitis

This can be diagnosed by the liver and kidney function tests, lipase level tests, tests for infection and anemia tests.

5. Prognosis in Acute Pancreatitis

On the basis of changes in diet, completely forbidding the alcohol consumption and smoking inhaling, the acute pancreatitis condition can be improved. If gallstones are found as the reason behind pancreatitis, then the gall bladders sometimes are surgically removed to cure pancreatitis.

When the patient enters the hospital, various tests are taken during their diagnosis and reports are generated. The condition of the patient is judged. After two or three days again, the signs and symptoms are assessed. If the conditions improve, then the treatment is judged to be on the track.

6. Prognosis in Chronic Pancreatitis

Most of the persons suffering from chronic pancreatitis suffer from excessive abdominal pain that sometimes requires even surgery, they even suffer from recurrent gallstones, which leads to gallbladder surgery and sometimes even their pancreas are completely removed from their body. Persons suffering from this disease should consume low-fat diet and should not under any circumstance indulge themselves in smoking and alcohol consumption. If duct stricture is noticed, then the persons with chronic pancreatitis would have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. In these cases, analysis of stricture biopsy should be carried out.

7. Pancreatitis Treatment in India

Let us look at the reasons as to why one should decide to get his pancreatic treatment done in India.
• Indian doctors are highly skillful and they possess the experience of working in the best laparoscopy hospitals in the world.
• Latest high-end technology has been incorporated in the laparoscopy hospitals in India.
• Indian hospitals provide the services of utmost caring for the patients, these hospitals also have restaurants, wifi zones, money changers, travel desks, etc.
• Cost of laparoscopy surgery in the best hospitals in India is very low as compared to the standard cost of this surgery in other best hospitals in the world.

Hence, finally it can be concluded that Indian hospitals can be a logical destination for the treatment of Pancreatitis.

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