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Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep at Night

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Lifestyle of human beings is changing fast. Today, your life has become more hectic and stress has become your regular companion.

From your school life, stress goes along with you to the end of your life. And do you know how it affects your life?

You spend sleepless nights which only makes your health condition worse than ever. There are several reasons why you can’t sleep at night.

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Why can’t you sleep at night? Have you ever consulted a doctor? There must be some health issues that keep you awake all night. Whatever it is, you should find the actual reason.

Sleepless nights only aggravate your health problems like high blood pressure, sugar, migraine, etc.

Whatever the reason is, you feel irritated when you see all of them in your house sleeping peacefully and you’re counting the clock’s ticking. Talk to a physician and find out the reasons why you can’t sleep at night.

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If you ask, “Why can’t I sleep at night?”, you definitely find an answer in your body. Is it some kind of a pain or any other physical uneasiness that keeps you awake whole night?

Here are some of those common physical reasons why you can’t sleep at night. Go through all these; and if you find your problem here, take an expert opinion immediately.


1. Pain:

Why can't you sleep at night? Pain, at various body parts, is one of the vital reasons. It can be a headache or a muscular pain or joint pain that gives you sleepless nights. Instead of having over-the-counter painkillers, talk to experts.


2. Sleep Apnoea:

This is one of the essential reasons why you can't sleep at night. Sleep apnoea is a breathing trouble during sleep. This health disorder affects many people, especially the pregnant ladies. Never do any self-medication for this.


3. Menopause:

According to medical researches, women reaching their menopausal stage sleep lesser. Women usually stop menstruating between the ages of 45 and 51 years. So, they spend several sleepless nights every week.


4. Urinal Infection:

What are the other reasons why you can't sleep at night? Infection in your urinal gland is the vital cause. You can feel pain, and frequent feeling of urination keeps you awake whole night. During pregnancy, this type of a problem increases. You will have to take care.


5. Asthma:

One of the biggest reasons of sleepless nights is this condition. If you have chronic asthma, you'll mostly suffer from a breathing problem, which keeps you awake. The abnormal breathing pattern disrupts your sleep and you feel drowsy and tired throughout the day.


6. Restless Legs:

Millions of people suffer from this syndrome. This is a condition in which the person feels a crawly sensation in his legs, which can disturb his sleep. People with restless legs can feel numbness, pain, jiff, jerks and even a burning sensation in their legs.


7. Diabetes:

A person with diabetes may not have a peaceful sleep due to the fluctuation of the blood sugar level, night sweats and frequent urination. Always keep your blood sugar level under control to get rid of the sleeping problems.


8. Cardiovascular Diseases:

With coronary artery disease, the circadian rhythms can fluctuate and cause chest pain and an irregular heartbeat. All these can cause disrupted sleep. Congestive heart failure also keeps you awake, as your heart can't pump enough blood to your body while sleeping.

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