Oxytoxin: Know All That You Need To Know About The Love Hormone

By: Niharika Choudhary
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"Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus of the brain and is secreted into the bloodstream by the posterior pituitary gland".

It is also known as the 'love hormone' or the 'cuddle hormone' and has been very rightly named.

You ask why? Well, these hormones trigger you psychologically as well as physically. To be more precise, 'oxytocin' turns you on!

Oxytocins bring in the feelings of love and satisfaction. They are produced in both men and women and affect both of them.

However, oxytocins have shown to affect women slightly more than men. It has major effects on the uterus and breast of a woman.

Oxytocins play a very big role at the time of child birth and lactation. This hormone also controls certain human behaviours.

Oxytocins are the happy hormones that relax, de-stress, ease and boost different kinds of behaviours in humans.

Oxytocins are great relievers for people who are introverts and are always under social inhibitions. They help them to be more social by boosting their self-confidence and easing out the social fear in them.

Through this article we are sharing some of the important ways on how oxytocins affect us. Take a look.


Relieves Your Stress

Oxytocin has the brilliant ability to cut down on your stress level.

It also has shown effective control on body's digestive system and blood pressure at the time of stress.

These hormones also help you in getting relief from pain and promote quick healing.


Fuels Up Sexual Desire

Oxytocins infuse a lot of attachment and intimacy between the partners.

The desire to hold each other's hands or to gaze into each other's eyes are also the result of oxytocins.

Not only this, oxytocin sparks your libido by manifolds.

These hormones intensify the bonding between the partners.


Eases You During Pregnancy

This is the best time oxytocins help our body. Pregnancy can be really stressing.

With all the pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy complications and complications during pregnancy, mothers can feel all the stress in the world.

Oxytocins released during labour help in relaxing the muscles of the uterus.

They also reduce the chances of a haemorrhage after child birth.


Improves Your Social Skills

These good hormones reduce the levels of social anxiety in you and boost up your feelings of trust.

Oxytocins also boost your self-confidence and infuse a feeling optimism in you.

All of these help you to fight your social inhibitions and help you socialise and come out with others.


Gives You Good Sleep

Oxytocins promote a good sleep in natural stress-free conditions.

What could be better than a good sleep after you have had a long tiring day?

Oxytocins combat the effects of the stress hormones and calm your brain.


Oxytocin Makes You More Human

These hormones increase the feeling of generosity in you.

You become more generous and caring. Oxytocin makes you even share your things easily.

It increases your levels of empathy and sympathy.

Though, sometimes, this might end up in costing you that extra piece of chocolate that you had kept for yourself.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 12, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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