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How To Increase Oxytocin Naturally?

By: Tanushree Kulkarni
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Remember that happy and blissful feeling when you are in love? When everything seems so beautiful and larger than life. Or how about that happy-go-lucky feeling that you get after working out at the gym or a good run?

That blissful feeling you get after spending a quality time with your siblings or partner? It is the Oxytocin. It is not for nothing that they call it a happy and blissful hormone.

Oxytocin is that hormone that helps you to bond with your loved ones. It has multitudes of other benefits too such as reducing pain, decreasing your stress levels and making you feel good.

It also helps in increasing the trust and bond between the loved ones or partners.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? So, what do we do to increase the level of Oxytocin in our life? There are lots of natural ways by which we can increase the level of Oxytocin in our body.

Today at Boldsky, we will tell you how to increase your Oxytocin level naturally. Have a look.

Natural Ways To Increase The Oxytocin Level


Hug more:

According to a study, a simple hug can increase the level of Oxytocin in the blood stream. So, next time when you are hugging a partner, parent or a friend; embrace them more or for long, as it can release the Oxytocin level naturally.


Have a massage:

Isn't it wonderful that a simple massage has loads of benefits associated with it? A massage, after a hectic day, can just be heavenly.

A massage or a shoulder rub by your partner can spice things up in your bedroom. So, next time say yes to that much-deserved trip to a spa or when your partner offers you one.

According to a study, this simple act of massaging can significantly increase the Oxytocin level naturally in your body and even help in a better bonding between the partners.


Say yes to more intimacy:

Researches have proved that intimacy increases the level of Oxytocin in your body naturally. More sex with your partner releases Oxytocin, which strengthens your bond and makes you feel loved and relaxed whole day long.

Even acts like more touching or kissing can increase the level of Oxytocin in your body. So, it but obvious that they call it a ‘love' hormone. Magical, isn't it?


Gets your adrenaline pumping:

Go to an amusement park, try your hands at bungee jumping, go out, have an adventure. Studies have shown that there is an increased level of Oxytocin in those who love to do thrilling stuff.

Adventurous activities can make you feel more connected and pump up your oxytocin levels. So, now you have all the more reasons to ditch that bean bag and get out in the wild.


Petting your dog or cat:

Petting your loved dog or cat can increase the level of Oxytocin naturally in your body. Cuddling or petting your pets helps if you are suffering from increased BP and also increases the Oxytocin level in your body.


Enjoyable scenes or experiences:

You would have noticed how an enjoyable scene or sound brings us comfort immediately? Well, the smell of your favourite food or your favourite music, or a certain kind of lighting can increase the level of Oxytocin in your body.

These sensory experiences are known to bring more pleasure to humans.


Social media:

Updating your FB profile, or tweeting, or uploading the picture of your favourite food on social media can actually increase the level of Oxytocin in your body.

Unbelievable, isn't it? A social interaction on social media triggers the increase of Oxytocin in the body. Some even call this as ‘digital Oxytocin'.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 14, 2016, 1:00 [IST]
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