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Oolong Tea Vs Green Tea: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Tea is one of the most famous and favourite beverages of all. But, have you ever thought of the types of teas? You look for tea leaves with flavour, but that is not the only variation of teas.

Depending on the processing of tea leaves, there are several types of tea available at market. Health conscious people are quite aware of green tea as this is considered to be the best tea for weight loss.

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Have you heard about oolong tea? Maybe the name is new to many of you but this tea is one of those types of tea to have to reduce weight.

And, slowly, it is raising the question- oolong tea or green tea better for health. How oolong tea causes weight loss? According to a medicinal study, it has been proved that the presence of polyphenols in oolong tea is responsible for increasing weight loss by burning fat.

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But, this is not magical remedy which can make you fat to fit overnight. You have to limit your consumption of unhealthy foods and workout more. Read on to know more about oolong tea for reducing weight and other benefits-


1. Improves Metabolism

Drinking oolong tea at morning gives your metabolism a kick start right after two hours of consumption. Thus, you can remain energetic for long and perform well. Having good metabolism means increased process of fat burning which helps to lose weight.


2. Makes You Burn Body Fat than Usual When Exercising

Drinking oolong tea is not enough to lose weight. You need to work out well. Oolong tea helps to burn extra body fat while exercising and thus, you can stay fit and fine.


3. Block Fat Absorption

Polyphenols in oolong tea is responsible for losing weight. Polyphenols helps to burn the body fat while it also prevents your body to absorp unnecessary fat from other foods. Rather, it enables the fat to work as fuel and keep you active all day long.


4. Helps Maintaining Lean Body Mass

The combination of catechins and caffeine is responsible for maintaining your lean body mass. The other teas either have catechins or caffeine. But, this rare combination in oolong tea has made it effective to burn fat.


5. Controls Diabetes

So far you get ideas about oolong tea for weight loss. But, it has several other benefits. The antioxidants in this tea help in metabolizing sugar and thus, keep your blood sugar under control. People with type 2 diabetes can be benefitted by this tea.


6. Improves Brain Functioning

A hot cup of oolong tea can rejuvenate your mental alertness and helps you to concentrate and perform well. Caffeine in this tea is responsible for elevated brain functioning.


7. Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the main reasons today behind maximum diseases. From elevated cholesterol level to heart failure, stress is responsible. A cup of oolong tea can work as medicine. It is a wonderful stress buster.


8. Has Anti-cancer Properties

Polyphenolic properties in oolong tea enhances the growth of apoptosis in stomach which prevents any cancerous growth. Also, having oolong tea lowers the risk of skin cancer.


9. Helps in Getting Healthy Skin

The presence of antioxidants in oolong tea works effectively in reducing the growth of free radicals which are responsible for skin allergies and eczema. Besides that, it also contains anti-aging properties that can give you revitalizing and youthful skin.

Apart from these extra-ordinary benefits, oolong tea also prevents tooth decay, strengthens your heart by lowering cholesterol level and makes your bones strong.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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