Is Your Body Too Acidic? Find Out With The Help Of These 8 Signs

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The reason why your body is too acidic is due to the presence of high levels of acid in the body fluids. Whereas, the term body alkalinity refers to the whole capacity of the body fluids to neutralise the acids. This article will answer your question - How to know if your body has high acid.

The body fluids are essential, as they enable the body to function properly. They help improve digestion, transport nutrients and carry oxygen throughout the body. The levels of acids must always be kept at a specific range, so that it doesn't harm the body. So, if you want to know how to find out if your body has high acid, continue reading.

If the body fluids are lower in pH, then this indicates that the body has less oxygen and more of acids. The normal level of the pH is 7.0 and this is considered as the neutral level.

The symptoms of an acidic body will start becoming visible when this level is lower. Many people are not aware of acidity and they do not bother to check their pH levels.

Read the complete article to understand more on how to know if your body has high acid.


1. Weight Gain:

If the body is not alkalized, the waste gets trapped inside and this leads to the formation of excess waste. This leads to body acidity and the organs responsible for flushing toxins get overworked. Hence, they will not be able to flush out the built-up acid from the body. This gets attached to fat cells and hence leads to weight gain.


2. Weak Bones:

If your question is, how to find out if the body is acidic, then weak bones are one of most prominent symptoms. If the body is too acidic, important minerals are wasted from the organs and tissues, to keep the body active. This invariably leads to brittle bone structure. One of the minerals withdrawn is calcium.


3. Dental Problems:

Another one of the major symptoms of acidic body is dental problems. Similar to the bone, calcium gets withdrawn from the teeth and this leads to mineral deficiency. This makes the teeth more prone to mouth bacteria and leads to cavities and other problems.


4. Fatigue:

Acidity makes the body prone to viruses, fungi and bacteria. These microorganisms thrive in acidic conditions. This leads to weak immunity and exhausts the body. Fatigue is one of the common acidic body symptoms.


5. Skin Problems:

Acidity leads to toxin buildup and it harms the skin. This impairs the blood flow and the skin cannot get rid of toxins via sweating. This leads to several skin disorders.


6. Mucus Building:

Another one of the side effects of an acidic body is the building up of mucus. Mucus is helpful in throwing out the toxins from inside. When the body is acidic, the nasal passage cannot throw out the mucus and it gets trapped inside. This results in respiratory problems, chest pain and many other such ailments.


7. Muscle Pain:

High levels of body acidity can lead to constricted muscles and the body will not be able to transfer oxygen to the blood vessels. This is one of the common symptoms of an acidic body. Hence, the muscle will lack oxygen and this further leads to muscle pain and soreness.


8. Sleeplessness:

Tiredness, exhaustion and insomnia indicate low pH levels in the body. This is due to the lack of calcium in the body. It might lead to significant tiredness.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 13:44 [IST]
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