How To Nourish Your Mind, Body And Soul

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Food is there to nourish the body but we seldom eat it to fulfill hunger. We have made it a luxury and that is why we target the taste buds instead of overall health when we order a dish.

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In the same way, most of our activities today have become pleasure seeking mechanisms which are okay for a short span of time but not okay in the long run. Our habits are enough to kill us sooner or later.

Exercise is there to maintain healthy weight and keep the body physically active as it helps maintain overall health. But most of us hit the gyms to look good and sport abs that make everyone jealous.

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Though it isn't a bad idea, in the long run, doing things more harmoniously may help nourish your body mind and soul. Are there any practices that can nourish your mind body and soul? Yes, read on to know...


Try Oil Pulling

Swishing and gargling with coconut oil every morning for 5-15 minutes is known as oil pulling. This method is said to be good for oral health as it minimises bad breath, prevents certain dental issues and also works like an anti-microbial treatment for your mouth.


Try Yoga

Let's demystify it. Yoga is not just for someone on the spiritual path; it is for all of us as it offers certain health benefits. To rightly define yoga, it is a practice that unites breathing patterns, bodily movements and awareness.


Try Aromatherapy

Sometimes, it is good to relax your body through aromatherapy. It also enhances your energy, minimises the effects of stress on your body, and lifts your mood. Certain therapeutic essential oils are used to heal your spirits.


Strengthen Your Bonds

Try helping others, try to improve somebody's life or simply try to spread love and see how good you feel. Well, our reward mechanisms are designed in such a way that we tend to feel good when we make others feel good. In fact, a study says that those who help others tend to love longer and reduce their risk of depression.


Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply can keep your blood pressure stable and also helps soothe your heart beat. Try to breathe deeply whenever you are idle and relaxed.


Consume Foods That Fight Inflammation

As inflammation is the starting point of ill-health, keep it at bay by including more of leafy greens, turmeric, ginger and almonds in your diet.



Meditation heightens your awareness, helps you relax, minimises your blood pressure, boosts serotonin, enhances your immunity, reduces anxiety and gives you inner joy and silence.


Don't Miss Foods That Enhance Libido

Include certain foods that keep the romance alive in your life. Try fish, water melon, pomegranate, banana and chilli-peppers.



Your health depends on how active you are in the day and how deeply you sleep in the night. So, give sleep the place it rightly deserves in your life.


Walk Often

Going for morning walks can keep your mind and body fresh and active. It also helps you stay healthy, lose weight, keep your blood sugar levels stable and strengthen your bones.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 14:01 [IST]
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