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    How To Protect Your Knees While Running?


    Joint pains could be dangerous. They may hamper the quality of your life and may also cause lots of inconvenience.

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    That is why you need to protect your knees while running. Joint pains are experienced predominantly by runners but it doesn't mean that you should stay away from your daily jog just because its an activity that stresses your joints.

    As running enhances your health and keeps you fit, taking some precautions may help you enjoy all those health benefits without troubling your knees.

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    It is also a good idea to find ways to strengthen your legs by occasionally going to a gym and lifting weights. You can do this even if you love only running as a fitness activity just to strengthen your muscles.


    Tip #1

    Obesity is a big pain to your joints too. If you maintain healthy weight, your joints might thank you as the load and stress on them will reduce greatly.


    Tip #2

    If you start running without warming up, you are troubling your body without preparing it. Also, learn to cool down your body soon after running. It is good to gradually decrease stress on your joints.


    Tip #3

    Strengthen your legs by performing squats with or without weights. When your muscles are strong, they may take the stress effortlessly and this is good for your joints.


    Tip #4

    Unless you allow your body to recover well, you should not run again. So maintain enough gap between two running sessions. allow your body to rest well.


    Tip #5

    Food too has its own role in strengthening your joints. Consume foods rich in Vitamin D and Calcium. Also, focus on foods that minimise inflammation.


    Tip #6

    Another important factor is the comfort offered by your footwear. Wear the wrong shoe and your joints will be stressed out after the run.


    Tip #7

    Running on soft surfaces is very important as hard surfaces like concrete roads may harm your knees.

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