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How To Ensure A Healthy Heart


A healthy lifestyle can keep your heart in a good condition. Did you know that there are nearly 30 million people in India who are heart patients?

When you have a heart disease, then you need to be cautious, as it can turn out to be a leading cause of death; however, it is not necessary to accept it as your destiny.

So how do you ensure that you have a healthy heart? There are several steps you can take to care for your heart and prevent risk factors.

You can prevent heart disease by concentrating on key lifestyle aspects such as eating, exercising and cutting down on smoking and alcohol. As an essential muscle, heart delivers nutrients throughout the body, yet in order to keep your ticker going strong, it has to be maintained with a good diet and exercise.

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If you are diagnosed with heart problems like HBP or high cholesterol, then it is a wakeup call that you need to make major lifestyle changes to keep your heart in a healthier condition.

If you try to make small changes in your habits, then you can make a real difference in your health and avoid such ailments.

As humans, we are born with a stash of good health and it is up to us to guard it with good choices about our well-being. Here are tips for a healthy heart that can make you less likely to have a heart disease in the future, have a look.

how to ensure a healthy heart

Say No To Smoking
Smoking is the main culprit that can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease or heart attack. Every cigarette that you smoke can make you more likely to get heart disease.

If you are a heavy smoker, then it is time that you get rid of this horrible habit. Firstly, cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and gradually quit this habit.

how to ensure a healthy heart

Exercise Daily
Getting regular exercise can prevent and manage heart disease well. Doing aerobic exercise will ensure a healthy heart, as it helps in cutting the odds of a heart disease.

Exercising regularly can make your heart muscle stronger. It improves circulation by preventing blood clots, which is the root cause of heart attack and stroke.

Be Active
If your job entitles you to sit at a desk all day long, even after you have done with your routine morning workout at the gym, then you are still at a risk for heart disease.

Every 25 minutes try to get up and move your limbs, so as to stay active. If you have to take a conference call for one hour, then make sure to stand at your desk for some time rather than slumping on your chair. Moving and staying active can ensure a healthy heart.

how to ensure a healthy heart

Have A Fibre-rich Diet
Consuming plenty of fibre can keep heart disease at bay. Try to add a variety of sources to your diet, which include whole meal bread, oats, unrefined carbs and wholegrain cereals.

The way to eat for your heart hasn't changed over the years, so make sure to have a tried-and-tested diet such as fruits and vegetables for the health of your heart.

Adding diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains has the potential to protect your heart. Try to cut down on saturated fat, as it won't increase the level of cholesterol in your blood.

On the other hand, try to add leaner cuts of meat and low-fat dairy products than whole or full-fat milk to your diet for your overall health.

Cut Down On Alcohol
Alcohol affects every organ in your body. Drinking alcohol increases many dangers such high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and breast cancer.

Never forget that alcohol contains calories, so try to average on one to two drinks per day, especially for men while women should only consume one drink per day.

how to ensure a healthy heart

Get A Good 8 Hours Of Sleep Each Night
If a person suffers from lack of sleep, then it can put his/her body clock out of sync. If you don't sleep, then you won't feel good and it is important to restore yourself.

Sleep is vital not only for your heart but it is essential for your overall health as well. So, make it a priority to rest well. More importantly, while you are asleep, your heart rate comes down and that is the only time it manages to get a break.

Therefore, following these steps can ensure a healthy heart and your overall well-being.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 30, 2016, 13:45 [IST]
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