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How To Break A Bad Habit

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Any habit may gradually turn into an addiction. Well, how to break a bad habit? Let us discuss that. Firstly, why should you get rid of such habits or addictions?

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While some bad habits like smoking, drinking or eating junk may spoil your health, other bad habits like chatting too much on social platforms may spoil your career.

Some addictions are physical and some are psychological but all of them do a great deal of damage to your life in various ways.
Find the roots of such bad habits.

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Are you too stressed out or or you feeling bored? Why have you got into such habits? Once you trace the roots then you will be able to take certain steps to get rid of them.

If you are struggling to fight with your bad habits then here are some steps to follow.


Find A Different Alternative

Whenever the urge to do something like smoking or drinking, you need to have a substitute activity to control your desire. For example, when the urge comes, breathe deeply for 2 minutes. Or get a chewing gum. Or maybe do some stretching exercises in your place. But choose a substitute to divert your mind.


Stay Away From Triggers

If you are a smoker, then avoid the smoking zone, if you are drinker then avoid parties, if you are an Internet addict, unplug yourself. This way, avoid triggers that make you continue a habit.


Find Similar Friends

Friends who have quit smoking are better than friends who smoke in your presence at least for a short span of time. Or else, you may again fall back.


Try Meditation

Controlling your mind is very tough especially when your desires knock the door. Try meditation.


Love Yourself

During the whole process, congratulate yourself every time you win over your desires or cravings. This will motivate you to win more and more.


Enjoy The Benefits

Tell yourself about all the benefits that you are enjoying after quitting a bad habit. There could be so many health benefits- number them and feel glad.


Ditch Negative People Or Thoughts

When you are fighting with your bad habits, discouraging people may de-motivate you. And when negative thoughts come, ignore them till they disappear.


Enjoy The Future

Self control helps you lead a healthier and a happier life. When you win over your bad habits you will be a better human being.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 7, 2016, 8:01 [IST]
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