Why Drink Salt Water In Morning?

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Unrefined salt is rich in minerals. It contains certain healing properties. Here, we are not talking about the salt that we use in daily life, that is processed salt which is unhealthy. Natural unrefined salt is good.

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It is said to contain nearly 80 trace minerals in it. That is why it is good for your metabolism, bones, immune system and blood sugar levels.

To try this out, fill a small jug with 3 spoons of unrefined natural salt and fill it with water. Close it with a lid and let it remain for a day.
The next day, take a cup of warm water and add the salt solution to it and drink it. Since many generations, natural salt was more used even for cooking purposes.

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Consult your doctor before you try this salt solution every morning. Now, let us know about its benefits.


Aids Digestion

After you drink natural salt water, your salivary glands get stimulated and your stomach acids get stimulated, both of which are good for digestion.



Many minerals present in salt water detoxify your system. It also contains anti-bacterial agents which will kill the bacteria in your system.


Good For Skin

The minerals present in natural salt boost your skin quality. Sulfur, zinc, iodine and Chromium are some minerals which solve certain skin issues and keep the skin clean.


Prevents Inflammation

When your body fails to get enough of sodium, the levels of renin (an enzyme) and aldosterone (a hormone) may increase which may further cause inflammation. Therefore, drinking some natural salt water may help.



Salt Water indirectly helps your bones. Actually, when your blood becomes acidic, your body uses Calcium from the bones to neutralise it. As salt water can naturally alkalise your body, your bones tend to be safer.



Certain minerals in natural salt have the capacity to relax your nervous system and reduce the levels of stress hormones. This will let you sleep peacefully.


Hydrates Your System

Drinking natural salt water can help your body absorb water and use it in a proper way. Generally, when you drink a lot of plain water, most of it goes out of urine but drinking salt water helps your body store some of it.


Other Benefits

It enhances energy levels, stabilises blood sugar, prevents muscle cramps and blood sugar levels and also helps lose weight.

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Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 6:01 [IST]
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