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The Dangers Of Sitting All Day!


Most of us are into sedentary jobs as this world is dictated by computers and technological gadgets that require us to sit and work. We no longer need to work hard in the fields or do any kind of physical labour to make both ends meet.

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But have you realized the dangers of sitting for too long? Well, every single organ in your body may face certain consequences if you don't move enough though the day.

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What are those risks? Well, let us take a look at how certain vital organs suffer when you sit for too long...



Sitting for hours together may also give rise to formation of blood clots. When those clots reach the brain, the chances of stroke may increase rapidly.



The risk of obesity increases when you sit for hours together. Some studies also claim that the risk of colon cancer could also rise. Certain fat-burning enzymes don't work properly in those who sit most of the time.



Inactive lifestyle may up the risk of cardiovascular issues. If you lead a sedentary life, fluids may accumulate in the neck and lungs during the night.



Fluid accumulation in the lungs could be dangerous to the heart and this could also occur due to sitting for too long.



Only when your arms are active and working, you can minimise the risk of high blood pressure.



Those who sit for too long may suffer buildup of fluids in their legs which are generally pumped elsewhere when one walks on regular intervals.



In some people, the fluids that are accumulated in the legs may reach the neck and this could cause sleep apnea.

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