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Health Goals You Must Set After 30

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If you hate ageing and if you hate health issues you may need to change your lifestyle after 30. With each passing year, your body undergoes many changes and if you wish to prolong your lifespan, you may need to change your habits.

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When you are young, your immunity may be more efficient. You may enjoy good energy levels. Also, you may stay slim due to speed metabolism. But age takes away all those gifts gradually.

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That is why making some changes is necessary. What are they? Well, here are some of those necessary changes which may save your health in the long run.


Goal #1

Quit addictions. You have enjoyed enough. It is now time to quit habits like smoking and drinking before they speed up your journey towards death bed. After 30, consciously try to reduce your dependence on substances.


Goal #2

Minimise portion size. After 30, your metabolism slows down a bit which might accelerate the rate at which your body stores fat. Even if you eat the same amount of food, you may start accumulating fat. So, reduce your portion size and increase the nutrition value of your diet.


Goal #3

Say no to caffeine. Caffeine may have some positive effects but there are a bunch of negative effects too. Gradually, reduce your intake.


Goal #4

At least once a month, try to fast. This might benefit both your body and mind. It helps cleanse yourself.


Goal #5

Make salads your main course. Fall in love with salads. They are life savers. They may even prolong life and prevent certain illnesses too. Raw foods can also make your skin glow.


Goal #6

If you hate workouts, try to enjoy an evening walk after work. It can keep you fit and healthy in the long run.


Goal #7

Romance and lovemaking do offer many health benefits. Also, remember that unused tools may lose their potential. So, keep enjoying life and stay healthy.

Story first published: Thursday, July 21, 2016, 6:03 [IST]
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