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Which Vegetables Are To Be Eaten Raw?

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We all know that vegetables play a key role in helping us survive. Apart from calories, we also need nutrients to function well. Only when you consume enough vegetables, you can minimise the risk of various health issues.

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And in fact, some vegetables also have the potential to prevent dangerous health issues like diabetes, cancer and even heart issues.

Certain essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre can be provided through vegetables. So, you can fall in love with salads if you are in love with your health.

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But can all vegetables be consumed raw? Or should they be cooked before being consumed? Well, here are some vegetables that can be eaten raw.



Drinking the juice of raw beetroot is a very healthy habit. Or else, eat the slices of raw beet root every morning to boost your health.



Raw garlic can prevent cholesterol issues and blood pressure issues. Also it is good for the heart and a natural antibiotic.



Do you know why most of the salads contain onions for sure? Well, they are very good when eaten raw. Some people even drink raw onion juice as it is said to prevent many health issues.



They can boost your immunity and eye-sight when you eat them raw regularly. Munch a raw carrot along with your food.



Tomatoes are good to be eaten raw. They contain antioxidants and vitamins and they are said to prevent mouth, lung and prostate cancers.


Cucumber And Green Pepper

Even green peppers and cucumbers can be eaten raw. Include them in your salads and prefer them raw instead of cooking them.


Spinach And Kale

Yes, you can eat leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli in their raw form. They are almost like super foods and can also be juiced.

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