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Health Benefits Of Fasting Once In A While

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Do you think that getting at least one day off to enjoy a weekend is awesome? Then, why don't you realise that your body also demands the same? Many experts suggest that giving your system rest for one day in a week is a good idea to rejuvenate your body.

We all read and hear about the health benefits of eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. But, have you ever thought of keeping yourself healthy by fasting for a while on a regular basis?

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Researches prove that fasting at least once in a week or once in a month can do much more good for your body than any other health supplements.

The frequency of fasting can be decided based on your health status and lifestyle. But, the most recommended one is fasting once in a week.

Fasting will give enough rest for your body. It can do a lot more than just reducing weight.

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Here, you can go through the benefits of fasting when followed at least once in a while. Try this and you will be surprised to see what fasting will do for your body.


Helps Lose Weight

No doubt, your intake of food has a direct impact on your weight. If you fast at least for one day in a week, your body will give you a positive response to reduce weight. When you fast, the stored fat will be used up by the body for energy and this is the best way to reduce your weight.


Speeds Up The Body's Metabolism

Fasting is the best idea to use up the stored calories that may otherwise cause weight gain. This will speed up the body's metabolism by increasing the power of the system to digest food. Proper bowel function is the key for a perfect metabolic function.


Improves Hunger

Have you ever felt true hunger? If you are feeding yourself with food three times in a day, chances are less that you experience hunger. To feel it, you should fast for at least 12 hours. Fasting will help maintain the hormonal balance that initiates the feeling of hunger and this will regulate your eating pattern.


Improves Brain Function

Fasting is the best tonic for improving brain function by stimulating the cells to function more efficiently. Fasting will increase the production of a protein named neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which triggers many chemicals that promote the health of brain cells.


Improves The Immune System

Fasting for a while improves your immune system. This will help to fight free radicals and thereby prevent the potential cell damage. Also, it will reduce the internal stress. Proper functioning of the immune system will keep you healthy.


Fasting Helps In Getting A Clear Skin

Accumulated toxins are generally one of the major reasons for skin problems like acne and pimples. Fasting once in a while will help to detoxify your body. This will also contribute to a clear and beautiful skin.


Improves Insulin Resistance

Increasing the insulin sensitivity of cells is the best thing that will regulate carbohydrate metabolism of cells. Cells will become more sensitive to insulin during fasting, thereby increasing the uptake of glucose.


Helps You To Stay Young

When you fast, your body can eliminate harmful toxins. This detoxification will help you to maintain your youthfulness. This will help you to manage beauty problems like pimples, acne, skin pigmentation and hair fall.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 21, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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