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Dangers Of Water Fasting

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Many people would want to get rid of their body fat over night or as fast as possible. But this is not at all healthy.

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When you wish to rush through things, you may choose water fasting which involves drinking only water for a few days without eating anything.
Remember that you are depriving your body of nutrients when you embrace such a dangerous journey.

Though water fasting worked for some people, it doesn't mean that it works for everyone. Also, without consulting a doctor, it is not at all advisable to try such things.

Also, keeping the fasting period very short may be a safer option if you wish to still go ahead. And then frequent fasting should also be avoided. Fasting under the supervision of a medical expert is recommended.

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If that isn't possible then avoid water fasting and choose safer and slower methods of weight loss. Now, let us know more about the dangers of water fasting.


Lack Of Energy

As your body lacks any nutrients, you may feel dull and lethargic. Your energy reserves deplete fast and you may faint.



Feeling dizzy and suffering headaches may also occur when your body lacks any nutrients to even survive.



Your heart rhythms may go abnormal and this could lead to dangerous complications.



Your immune system may become weaker if you continue your water fasting for long. This may make you vulnerable to many diseases.


Kidneys And Liver

Your liver and kidneys may also become weaker when your immunity becomes weak and your body is devoid of any nutrients.


Muscle Loss

As your body doesn't get enough protein to maintain muscles, you may lose your muscles too.


Sudden Death

In rare cases, it could also lead to sudden death if one prolongs the water fast for many days till organ failure occurs.

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