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7 Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

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Fasting and dieting have become old concepts. Intermittent fasting is the new concept. This term has become very popular as it is a convenient eating pattern and it also doesn't involve any rules.

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In fact, it is not about what foods to eat but when to eat. This method just involves eating all your meals of the day during a window of 8 hours. In other words, whatever you eat for the day, you will eat it between 2 PM and 10 PM and the rest of the day would be your fasting window.

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This method doesn't say anything about the foods to eat or avoid but just makes you shuffle your eating timings a bit. And then are there any benefits? Read on to know....


Reduces Oxidative Stress

This method of fasting minimises the buildup of oxidative radicals and this will slow down your ageing.


Expels Toxins

During the fasting phase, your body will get some time to expel toxins. Studies say that those who drink juice during the fasting phase will be able to get rid of toxins that have been accumulated over a period of a week. And those who drink water during the fasting phase may be able to get rid of toxins which were in the system since months.


Normalises Insulin Sensitivity

Intermittent fasting impacts your insulin sensitivity. During the fasting phase, your body gets used to using fat as fuel and this helps lose weight.


Other Benefits

Intermittent fasting is said to minimise the risk of diabetes, heart issues, certain types of cancers and enhance cognitive abilities.


Eliminates Cravings

Gradually, your body will stop relying on sugar to get its energy and this will reduce your carvings once you get used to intermittent fasting.


What Studies Say

Though many points are not yet proven, some evidence states that animals reverse even diseases like cancer with intermittent fasting.


Boosts The Production Of HGH

Some studies say that fasting can dramatically boost the production of human growth hormone which plays an important role in fitness and health.

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