Harmful Foods Doctors Advise Not To Consume

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How many of you believe that nutritious foods are enough to keep sicknesses at bay? Well, it is said that on a scale of 10, 9 people think so.

However, recent studies have showed that there are some foods, which when consumed, will only cause more harm than do good to the body.

With the help of a research, Boldsky has listed some of those deadly foods that doctors themselves advise not to consume. If these foods are eaten on a daily basis, they will only land you into deep trouble.

Reports show that these 10 foods contain certain properties that can cause the body to develop more fat. This can further lead to diabetes and could also be fatal.

So, instead of enjoying these toxic foods, it is best to opt for healthier options instead. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these harmful foods that doctors advise not to consume.

You will be shocked to see that some of them are a part of your daily diet:



Microwave popcorn is extremely unhealthy to consume. Reports state that the lining of the microwave bags contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It is an acid that can be linked to several other forms of cancer and infertility issues.



If you thought soda is the best beverage to drink, well, think again. According to health experts, all sodas contain substances that directly affect the heart, leading to cardiovascular diseases. It is also bad for the body, as it activates the cancer cells and promotes weight gain, leading to obesity.



One bag of chips can kill you. Reports state that the high amounts of sodium and fat, along with a chemical called acrylamide, are enough to cause infertility and certain types of cancers too.


Non-Organic Celery

Who thought that organic food will be dangerous to the health. Just like organic apples, organic celery too is loaded with pesticides to keep off the pests and insects. The chemicals sprayed on these organic foods is enough to put you to eternal rest.



Doctors advise you to only opt for pure milk. Milk that is skimmed and thoroughly processed contains artificial hormones, which lead to higher rates of another hormone, IGF-1, that is thought to increase the instances of cancer in humans.



Though margarine is considered to be the better and much healthier alternative to butter, it is in fact the worst and most deadliest food to consume. Margarine is loaded with properties like trans-fats, which when consumed can increase your cholesterol level to double the value.



Did you know that the nervous system is said to be compromised by up to 50 per cent every time you eat sugar? Yes, these sweet granules are so effective on the pancreas, liver and digestive system that it can bring your body to a halt in less than 5 years.



When compared to wheat flour, white flour is just as bad as consuming sugar. White flour puts a huge amount of stress on the pancreas. In a way, it also disturbs the insulin levels in the body, in which the body is sent into a fat-storage mode, therefore, leading to obesity and other heart-related problems.


Fast Food

The presence of meat, sodium and of course saturated fats can reduce your lifespan to at least half. Consuming fast foods is unhealthy and, hence, it is best to lay off these foods if you want to live a life free from a number of health problems.



Doughnuts contain the unhealthiest ingredients that are white sugar, white flour and trans-fat. When these are combined to one, it acts crazy on the waist line and in a way affects the heart too.

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