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List Of Foods Stuffed With Toxins

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Eating healthy food is the mantra of all of us should follow. The easiest way to select the best food is to sort out the food according to its benefits and harmful effects on our body. In this article, we are going to share the list of foods that are full o f toxins.

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Foods that are stuffed with toxins are quite harmful for the body. Reaching out for a soda when thirsty might be wrong as it is quite high in toxins. The same way, there are a few foods that are stuffed with toxins.

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Unless you know them, you cannot avoid them as they come up in the foods that we eat almost everyday. Read on to know more about the list of foods that are rich in toxins.


Pasta Mix

A chemical azodicarbonamide, which is very toxic, is present in some foods. Avoid using boxed pasta mixes as this helps in avoiding these poisonous toxins.


Sports Drink

If you assume that this might give you energy and boost your stamina, you are totally wrong. These drinks contains dyes that are rich in toxins. Avoid drinking them, instead opt for fresh lime juice or tender coconut.


Fat-Free Chips

Olestra is an ingredient that is present in these chips. They are quite harmful and actually causes the person to put on weight instead of losing it. This is one of the foods that is rich in toxins.


Non-organic Yoghurt

As the cows and sheep are generally given growth hormones, it can be passed into the yoghurt that is generally not organic. These toxins can lead to breast and colon cancer. Make sure you opt for organic yoghurt.


Stored Pre-cooked Chicken

Arsenic compound that is is present in the pre-cooked chicken is quite toxic for the body. There are few inactive ingredients present in the chicken which make it a wrong choice. Instead of buying this chicken, you can select fresh chicken.


Cereal Snacks

To kill your hunger pangs do not buy cereal snacks as it us really bad for health. The trans fat that is present in this mix is not good for heart. This is one of the foods that are rich in toxins.


Citrus Flavoured Soda

Studies reveal that brominated vegetable oil is found as an emulsifier in citrus flavoured soda. This oil is generally used to keep the furniture flame-resistant. This is a very dangerous toxin present in the food.

These are the few foods that are rich in toxins. Avoid using these foods for good health.

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