7 Easy Ways To Save Your Liver

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Staying healthy is the mantra we all love to follow. To make it work we need to eat healthy food. Certain foods help in better health of our organs, and these foods should not be missed out. Apart from this lifestyle and our daily habits play a vital role in our health.

Today let us focus on how we can save our liver with changes in our lifestyle. Studies reveal that liver diseases are known to be as silent killers.This is because of the blood tests do not detect the liver ailments at an early stage.

Only when the condition gets severe the results are seen.
Read on to know about the seven easy ways to save your liver.


No Alcohol:

One needs to know the alcohol consumption beyond a point is very risky for our health. Alcohol when consumed in small amount on short basis doesn't affect our health as much as consuming a good amount of alcohol. So avoid drinking too much of alcohol.


Lose Weight:

Did you know that obesity is one of the reasons for a dysfunctional liver? Studies reveal that losing weight helps to guard your liver. Regular fitness regime helps you attain a healthy body weight and lowers the risk of fatty liver disease.


Drink Water:

Drinking good amount of water helps to detox the body. This step is very good for a healthy liver as the function of liver is to render the harmless toxic chemicals we intake through our food, water and air. This is one of the easiest way to save your liver.



Studies reveal that there is a strong link between fatty liver and disordered intestinal function. Probiotics help to normalise the gut balance and flush out toxins from the body and ensure better circulation.


Fibre And Mineral Rich Food:

Make sure your breakfast is low in fat content and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can have multi-grain cereal or diet rich in choker, bran and more. This helps in good digestion and a healthy liver.


Dandelion Tea:

This is a best cure for liver disorders. It acts as a catalyst to mobilize stagnant bile from your liver and helps to detox your body. Drink a cup or two to get rid of liver problems. This is one of the easiest way to save liver.



Protein plays a vital role in healthy liver. It helps majorly in regeneration of the healthy liver cells. Eat rich protein diet to stay healthy and fit. This is another way to save your liver.

These are the few ways to save your liver. If you have any suggestions, then do comment.

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