10 Home Remedies For Diabetes

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Are there any remedies for diabetes? Diabetes is one of the most scary health issues as it affects the lifestyle of the person. To top it up, there is no permanent cure for this problem and you are left with only one option. You must always keep it under your control if you want to remain healthy. Those who manage to maintain the right levels can easily lead a normal lifestyle without falling prey to the problems posed by diabetes.

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Well, there are certain home remedies for diabetes. Let us discuss about them in this article. Apart from trying the remedies, ensure that you also consume healthy food and maintain good levels of physical activity. Also, stay in touch with your family doctor and attend regular check ups. As home remedies tend to cost less, you can try them first and see if there are results.


Cinnamon powder

Do you know the fact that cinnamon powder can control your blood sugar levels? There are certain elements in this powder which combat diabetes up to a level. Especially, in some cases of type 2 diabetes, this remedy has been proved effective. But remember the fact that this powder must not be used extensively as it may prove to be toxic on your system. Anything toxic will be taxing on the liver. Take a small glass of warm water and mix a spoon of this powder before drinking it. Do this daily for a few days.


Try amla

This is one of the remedies for diabetes. Amla is high in Vitamin C which helps your pancreas work well. Every morning after you wake up, grind a few goose berries (without their seeds) and drink the juice (after mixing some water).



This is one of the herbal remedies for diabetes. How does Fenugreek help? Well, it decreases your blood-sugar levels and controls various symptoms of diabetes. Also, it can rapidly affect the pace at which carbohydrates are absorbed by your body. Mix a spoon of fenugreek powder with milk and consume it daily.



Most of us don't know the fact that even mango leaves help a lot in controlling insulin levels. In order to try mango leaves, ensure that you place a few of the leaves in a bowl of water before you go to bed. In the morning, after you wake up, drink the water before you start your day.



Black plum is also known as Jamul. It could be very helpful in controlling diabetes as it contains ellagic acid and anthicyanins. This type of berry is said to be very effective as far as dealing with diabetes is concerned. If this fruit is grown in your area, try it in order to help your pancreas function well.


Try aloe-vera gel

Aloe-vera is one of the famous remedies for diabetes. Especially, for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes, this remedy may prove good. Prepare a solution by mixing aloe-vera gel, turmeric and bay leaves in water. Drink it before dinner.


Curry leaves

Curry leaves do come with certain properties which can control diabetes up to a certain extent. Research suggests that these leaves can delay the rate in which starch is absorbed. If you want to try this remedy, just chew some leaves after you wake up.


Eat guava

Guava is a fruit that contains both vitamin C and fibre. Both of them play an important role in controlling the glucose levels in your blood. But remember two facts here. Don't eat too many guavas and make it a point to throw the peel away.


Drink sufficient water

Drink enough water because it also plays its own role in controlling diabetes. Without water, your system suffers a lot.


Try bitter gourd

This is one of the natural remedies for diabetes. Bitter gourd has the potential to control diabetes. It has the tendency to lower blood-glucose levels. An advantage of consuming this vegetable is that the glucose levels of the entire body will be influenced. Patients suffering form diabetes type 1 and type 2 can rely on bitter gourd. But remember the fact that you cannot totally rely only on a single vegetable to cope up with diabetes. To try this remedy, you must extract the juice of bitter gourd (after removing the seeds) and then consume it in the morning. Also, include this vegetable in your diet in some manner.

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