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Habits That Kill Kidneys Brutally!

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Kidney damage doesn't occur in a day. Your habits gradually make or break your kidneys. Most of us seldom give attention to health unless something pains.

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But if you wait till your kidneys pain you, you will have to regret later as kidney failure could leave you with very less options.

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If you wish to remain healthy, put a tab on all the unhealthy habits that kill your kidneys brutally. Here are those habits...


Habit #1

Over consumption of proteins may also harm your kidneys. In some cases it could lead to kidney stones too.


Habit #2

Too much of caffeine consumption is also harmful for your kidneys. Caffeine is diuretic and cause dehydration.


Habit #3

Both smoking and alcohol consumption harm the kidneys. Your kidneys have to work to hard to see the toxins out of the body.


Habit #4

Not drinking enough water is also dangerous for the kidneys. Hydrate yourself well.


Habit #5

Deficiency of vitamin B6 also harms your kidneys. Eat fruits, potatoes and fish.


Habit #6

Salty foods also damage kidneys when you over consume them. Don't get addicted to chips.


Habit #7

Your kidneys need a good night's sleep to recover. Insomnia or late night parties are bad for your kidneys.


Habit #8

Never try to postpone natures' calls. Passing urine on time is important for your kidney health.

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