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Why You Should Say ‘No Thanks’ To These Foods After 7 PM

Posted By: Staff

It is debatable whether not eating after 7 PM helps us shed weight directly or not. It is not really important at what point of time in a day you are eating.

It is more important to subject the calorie you are consuming throughout the day to a regulation, so that it doesn't add to your weight. In that respect, stopping food intake after a certain time in the night helps you.

What Is The 7 PM Rule?
If you have eaten three times by 7 PM, then call it a day for any more food intake would make you go beyond the calorie limits and make you gain extra kilos.

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Consuming more calories than that your body can burn consistently by eating in the late hours can see your waistline taking an ugly turn.

So, here is a list of 20 foods that can be avoided after 7 PM (or rather in the night), so that your body remains in a good shape. Take a look.


1. Desserts:

Opting for desserts after dinner every night can be disastrous for your body by adding calories to your body; and you would not be knowing about it even. Avoid eating desserts while watching TV or inattentively.


2. Snacks Like Potato Chips:

First, it is potato and then it is salted. A strict No-No to have this food in the night. They have high calories, fats and also sodium.


3. Rice:

Having a ‘bucketful' of rice in the night and going to sleep is a great recipe to have an inflated tummy! The carbohydrates do the trick.


4. Fibre-rich Foods:

In fact, foods with high fibre and containing starchy carbohydrates like oatmeal, baked potatoes, whole wheat bread, etc., should be avoided after 7 pm. Have these foods in the morning and allow the body to use them up by sunset.


5. Junk Food:

Avoid foods in the night that add little value to your health. They will not just affect your digestive system and help you gain weight, but will also disturb your sleep and can even cause nightmares.


6. Pasta:

Eating pasta after 7 PM is a perfect way to gather fat around your waist.


7. Dark Chocolate:

Otherwise a good food, the high caffeine content in dark chocolate may make it an evil agent to disturb sleep, if taken in the night. And a hampered sleep leads to weight gain and obesity.


8. Cereals:

Not a great option to have before sleep, thanks to the sugar content and carbohydrates.


9. Milk:

There is a lot of difference between having milk in the morning and night. Especially, those who have lactose intolerance should avoid it before retiring to bed or else it can make you lose sleep in the night and cause weight gain problems in the long run.


10. High-sugar Food:

If you crave for a sweet snack, go for healthy choices like low-fat dairy products and veggies. Having high-sugar food at night will see your calorie level shoot up because your body will not do enough activity after the last meal of the day to burn them.


11. Fruits:

Fruits should be avoided at night because of their sugar content which gets accumulated in our body.


12. Fruit Juice:

The acidic nature of fruit juices and the sugar content in them do not make them ideal for consumption in the night.


13. Nuts:

Nuts are perfect to be had in the morning; but in the night, since you will not have enough physical activity, eating nuts could cause problem for your sleep, since they are not easily digestible.


14. Alcohol:

Be very careful about having heavy drinks in the night. Mixed drinks can also adversely affect your weight.


15. Spicy Foods:

Spicy food items increase the body temperature and can disturb sleep. The result can be, as said earlier, bad for the body weight.


16. Red Meat:

Eating red meat or a large quantity of chicken or pork can result in sleep disorders in the night. Have lean proteins instead.


17. Chilli or Chilli Peppers:

A great metabolic agent during the day time but could be a sleep-killer in the night. Say no to chilli peppers at night.


18. Chinese Food:

This could be a shocker for those who are planning a Chinese dinner outside today. But, this is how it is. It not only stimulates the body, but its high carbohydrate and fat content can put you on the path to obesity.


19. Celery:

Having this veggie at night will make you run to the washroom a number of times in the middle of sleep, hindering the biological body-repairing process as a result.


20. Milk And Egg Together:

It can be a deadly combination for your digestive system at night and can put your sleep and stomach in total jeopardy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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