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Worried Over What Foods To Take For Dinner To Avoid Weight Gain? Here Are 5 Foods That'll Help

By: Shubham Ghosh

Diet is something that mostly keeps us concerned. What should we eat and what not, so that our weight doesn't shoot up, is a common query we all have.

We have heard about the positive impact that a good breakfast has on our health. But what about our dinner?

Do we also need to take care of our dinner in a similar way, so that our mission to not get fat doesn't gets derailed? Since dinner is the meal after we do the least activity, a lot of us lack confidence in choosing the food and, a lot of times, we also end up in just having a skimpy salad or soup.

But there is actually no reason to panic, as there are foods, consuming which at dinner will also help you lose weight and there is no need to keep yourself half-starved in the night.

 Here are 5 foods that you can have during dinner and get your slimming plan executed faster:

Foods For Dinner To Aid Weight Loss

1. Salad: Begin your dinner with a simple salad. Having this first can reduce your overall calorie consumption by a lot. Salad supplies fibre, which keeps you full for a longer period of time and reduces the possibility of more calories.

Foods For Dinner To Aid Weight Loss

2. Protein: Take protein-rich food instead of carbohydrates and fat at night, besides low-fat dairy products. Recent studies have shown that dairy protein can reduce weight and help in building lean body mass. Chicken, fish, beans, etc., are good for dinner, as they keep you full for a longer period compared to carbs and fats.

Foods For Dinner To Aid Weight Loss

3. Home-made Chicken Soup With Asparagus: Made of chicken (protein) and antioxidants like ginger which boosts your immunity, this soup is a great menu for dinner.

Foods For Dinner To Aid Weight Loss

4. Whole Grains: Take brown rice, quinoa and whole-wheat bread which consists of whole grains. Whole grains help in melting more abdominal fat, thanks to the fibre and magnesium in them. So, say no to refined grains at night.

Foods For Dinner To Aid Weight Loss

5. Don't Stop Eating Sweets Completely: Ideally, we should give up sweet, as it is not exactly a healthy ingredient; but in reality, giving up sugar completely can be counterproductive and push you towards overeating or eating junk.

Researchers say giving up sweet completely can lead to the release of CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone), which is produced generally when we are anxious or stressed. And more levels of stress can actually demotivate you to eat nutritious foods and lean towards junk food often.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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