Surprising Facts About Your Appendix You Should Know

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Many of us may have heard about the painful condition, appendicitis, which is caused in the appendix. Did you also know that there are a few facts on your appendix that you must know.

As we are aware, the human body consists of a number of organs, each of which performs different functions, in order to keep you healthy.

There are vital organs such as the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, etc., which are extremely important for the normal functioning of the body.

Even if the vital organs have a slight defect in their function or if they are damaged, then it could lead to life-threatening consequences.

Then, there are organs known as the vestigial organs in the human body, which do not aid any important bodily functions, so they are perceived to be rather "useless" organs, and the appendix is one of them!

Located at the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine, the appendix is a vestigial organ believed to have no apparent functions.

Here are a few surprising facts on the appendix; have a look!


Fact #1

Recent research studies have claimed that the appendix may have a function, after all, which is to act as a store house for the healthy bacteria needed by the body.


Fact #2

If you have ailments like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, the chances of the faecal matter getting clogged in the appendix is much higher, causing infections or appendicitis.


Fact #3

If you experience a shooting pain around your belly button area, it could mean that you are affected by appendicitis.


Fact #4

According to a few research studies, women are less prone to being affected by appendicitis, in comparison to men.


Fact #5

Appendicitis is still regarded as one of the most common emergencies, that requires immediate surgery.


Fact #6

One of the best ways to avoid infection of the appendix and appendicitis is to increase the intake of fibre-rich foods.


Fact #7

Removal of the appendix is a fairly simple procedure, that can be performed through a minor laproscopic surgery and take just about 8 minutes!


Fact #8

If the appendix ruptures inside the abdomen, it could release a lot of toxic substances and organ damage is a possibility!

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Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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