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8 Warning Signs Of Different Cancer Types That Women Often Neglect

By Sravia Sivaram

When it comes to cancer, it is always important to listen to your body to know about the possible symptoms. Different types of cancers have different symptoms and it is purely based on our observation that we will be able to find out about it.

This article will present to you a list of warning signs of cancer. These symptoms are often neglected and it's high time that women start taking notice of these changes before it's too late.

Instead of waiting for a regular check-up, it is always better to look out for these warning signs of cancer. The key to finding out these symptoms is to notice something different in the body.

Early detection of these cancer symptoms will help us get rid of the danger circuit as early as possible. Hence, saving us from a lot of consequences.

Symptoms of cancer in women are quiet vast, ranging from unusual vaginal bleeding, discharge, pressure in the pelvic area or pain while passing urine.

Read this article to find out the different warning signs of cancer in women.


1. Back Pain And Lower Back Pain:

Patients diagnosed with liver cancer have commonly complain of back pain. Back pain may also indicate breast cancer, as the pressure of the tumour may also be felt on the chest and ribs.


2. Changed Nail Colour:

Pale and whitish nails are signs of liver cancer. Brown or blackish dots on the nail may indicate skin cancer. Meanwhile, curving of nail can be a sign of lung cancer.


3. Swollen Face:

Swollen or red face is an indicator of lung cancer. This is because long tumours tend to block the chest blood vessels and restrict the blood flow to the face.


4. Sore Lumps:

You may find several lumps on the skin and some of it might bleed as well. This is an indicator of skin cancer or basal skin melanoma.


5. Red/Swollen/Sore Breasts:

This is one of the topmost warning signs of cancer in the breasts.


6. Nipple Changes:

Inverted, flat or sideways change in the nipples are also signs of breast cancer.


7. Painful And Unusual Periods:

This indicates uterus cancer and it is recommended to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound to diagnose this.


8. Short Breath/Wheezing:

Shortness of breath or wheezing is a potential sign of lung cancer.

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Story first published: Monday, December 26, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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