Quit Smoking, Eat Healthy, Exercise: Live More To Witness How The World Changes More

By: Shubham Ghosh

Who doesn't want to live longer, right? Life is after all the most precious thing that God has created on this planet. This article discusses more about the habits that help people to live longer, keep reading.

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Advancements in medical science have also improved the life expectancy of people. But, why depend on medicines and artificial means to extend your life when you can do so naturally - just by changing a few norms in your daily lifestyle?

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Here, we list some essential habits that can be followed to make our life a better lasting one and be an example for others to emulate, so that good health becomes an idea celebrated universally:


1. Give Up Overeating:

We actually die not because of less eating but overeating. We often see and get to hear about the "oldest living human being" living in Japan. One of the reason for so many of them emerging from Japan is that old Japanese stop eating when they feel about 80 per cent full, researchers say.

Compare that to some other systems in the world where more food is wasted because people fail to eat because of over-fulfilment. It certainly means that they are overeating. Eating less actually helps people age slower, as lesser calories mean less production of the thyroid hormone T3, which slows down metabolism and fastens the ageing process.


2. Don’t Watch Too Much TV:

Don't be a couch potato and allow your body to rust, ultimately taking a toll on your longevity. Watching four or more hours of television daily can make you almost 50 per cent more prone to fatal health issues than those who watch TV for less than two hours. Too much viewing of TV can make you vulnerable to heart diseases.


3. Live Life, Don’t Just Breathe:

You will be much more vulnerable to heart diseases if you don't socialise enough. Have a strong network of friends and a robust family bonding, so that loneliness and depression don't take a toll on your health.

Loneliness can cause inflammation, while psychiatric medication can take a heavy toll on those who are suffering from depression by increasing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. So, before any of those life-threatening tendencies begin to show up, get on with life. Talk, laugh, enjoy and live to the fullest...


4. Control Alcohol Consumption:

A small quantity of everything is okay, including alcohol. But excessive drinking can seriously damage both your mind and body and shorten the lifespan by almost a decade, studies have said.

Excessive drinking can shatter each of your key organs like the heart, liver, kidney or stomach and cause fatal cancer. In women, too much alcoholism poses the threat of breast cancer.


5. Quit Smoking:

Like alcohol, the burning sticks are another serious enemy of our health and can put it in a jeopardy. Smoking, which also harms a number of important organs like heart and lungs can reduce one's life expectancy by a decade.

And, on the other hand, quitting smoking by the age of 40 can reduce the risk of death by a whopping 90 per cent! So, all the smokers, decide for yourself now.


6. Don’t Expose Yourself In The Sun Too Much:

Yes, even though we have all learnt that sunlight is good for our skin, it is also equally true that overexposure to the sun can pose threats to our life.

Besides raising chances of causing skin cancer, the sun's high level of ultraviolet radiation can also add to the infant mortality rate by affecting folic acid or vitamin B, which is very important for cell division and growth to take place during pregnancy. Expecting mothers thus should avoid sun to do the future generations a favour.


7. Eat Healthy Foods And Drink Adequate Water:

Just give up the mouth-watering junk and carbonated drinks and replace them with fresh fruits, vegetables and water instead. The natural sources of highly beneficial nutrients will help your body to remain in the perfect shape. A healthy eating habit is perhaps the best way to cooperate with your body to last long.


8. Healthy Lifestyle:

Retire early to bed, and wake up early. Have breakfast and other meals on time. Wash yourself at bath properly. Brush properly. Exercise regularly. Maintain a good mood. We know these sound like a school textbook lesson for you and you know, those basic instructions that we receive during our formative years are the best advice for a long, long life. So, revisit and follow them by heart. You will feel fantastic.

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Story first published: Monday, October 17, 2016, 10:41 [IST]
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