Your Knees Are Important For Your Mobility; Keep A Watch On These 7 Things To Ensure Healthy Knees

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Since knees are our body's shock absorbers, having healthy (or unhealthy) knees is an integral part of our overall health. Weak knees or knees affected by ailments like arthritis can make us immobile and incapacitated, resulting in further consequences.

To have healthy knees, it is essential to have the right weight, so that you don't put pressure on them, besides doing a lot of exercising to keep them flexible enough.
Here are certain ways through which you can keep your knees healthy, take a look:


1. Walk On A Proper Surface:

Do not walk on soft soil or an uneven surface, particularly if you have a knee problem or osteoarthritis. Choose sideways or leveled surfaces, so that the steps you make put less pressure on the knees that work as your body's shock absorbers.


2. Don’t Jump Up And Down The Stairs:

If your knees are not in a healthy shape, don't put excess pressure on them by jumping up and down the stairs. Particularly if you are overweight, rushing on the stairs makes it very threatening for your knees. Walk on the stairs instead and also hold on to the side bar to share the weight.


3. While Riding A Bicycle:

Cycling is always a healthy exercise, but ensure that while you are pedaling with your feet, the knees are kept straight when the pedal goes down. For that, it is important to sit as high as possible.


4. Wear Protective Gears:

Certain sporting activities may expose your knees to an injury. So, wear the required protective gear before starting such activity, or an accident may cause you a massive harm. While playing cricket or skating, never forget to take the precautionary measures.


5. Have Strong Inner Thigh Muscles:

Robust inner thigh muscles make it easier for your knees to absorb the jerk and stress while walking. So, work on having a stronger inner thigh or adductor muscles. Squeeze your knees while sitting to improve these muscles.


6. Be In Motion:

Don't keep your knees unused for a long time by being immobile or moving less. Even while you are engaged in activities that involve little movement, take an odd turn now and then, so that your limbs don't suffer from the stiffness.


7. Don’t Over-bend Your Knees:

Exercising the knees are okay, but don't overstretch them. Do not bend them beyond 90 degrees while squatting or lunging. Too much twist and turn can also harm your knee muscles.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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