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Does Acidity Cause Vomiting?

By: Archana Mukherji

One common question that many of us have in mind is: "Does acidity cause vomiting?". Yes, it does. Acidity is also called acid reflux disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and is commonly experienced by all of us. But how does acidity cause vomiting or nausea? There could be several reasons behind this question.

First of all let us understand what GERD is. We all know that the oesophagus is a tube that connects your throat to the stomach. Sometimes the food that you consume might tend to move back to the oesophagus from your stomach or the small intestine. This backward movement of food is called reflux which is associated with several symptoms like heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Does Acidity Cause Vomiting

GERD or acidity is considered to be the most commonly occurring gastrointestinal disorder. The main reason behind this reflux or acidity is indigestion of food. And does acidity cause vomiting or only nausea? Actually it can cause both.

Consumption of a very heavy meal and food that is rich and spicy can lead to indigestion, which causes vomiting. Travelling immediately after eating food can also cause indigestion and acidity and lead to vomiting. Also, when you immediately lie down on your back after consuming such kind of food, you are prone to vomiting. Bending too much after consuming a heavy meal can also lead to vomiting.

Does Acidity Cause Vomiting

The food that you swallow is pushed into the stomach by the oesophageal muscles. As soon as the food enters the stomach, the oesophagus is automatically closed by the action of a band of muscles. If the oesophagus does not close, the contents of the stomach tend to move back, leading to either nausea or vomiting, associated with a heartburn.

In pregnant women, acid reflux conditions or acidity is quite common because the increased hormones and pressure from a growing foetus lead to vomiting. However, after the baby is delivered, this condition tends to become normal.

Does Acidity Cause Vomiting

Similarly, acidity is also seen in infants due to milk allergies or overfeeding. In children, the reasons for acidity could be viral fever, high temperature, food poisoning or coughing, which ultimately can lead to vomiting.

Some common habits like consumption of alcohol or coffee or chocolate might also be a major reason behind acidity accompanied with vomiting. Obesity can often cause reflux conditions. One more major reason for acidity reflux is the smoking of cigarettes.

Belching, frequent burping, heartburn, chest pain, sour taste, sore throat, chronic cough, wheezing and nausea and vomiting are the common symptoms.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2016, 2:45 [IST]
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