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Do Cancers Spread Through Intercourse?

Most of us know only about certain infections that are transmitted through intimate physical contact. But even certain types of cancers are said to be spread through intimate physical contact.

The main role is played by HPV which is a virus that is transmitted through intercourse. This virus can increase the chances of certain types of cancers.

Here are the types of cancers that can be caused by physical relations with multiple partners...


Cervical Cancer

HPV can also cause severe abnormalities in the cervix causing cervical cancer. Though this type of cancer doesn't show any symptoms in the initial stages, certain medical tests can detect it. Also, when bleeding occurs even after menopause then it could be due to cervical cancer.


Anal Cancer

Certain types of anal cancers are said to be associated with HPV. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can spread through physical contact. Pain in the anus, bleeding and difficulty in passing stools could indicate some of the symptoms. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are employed depending upon the stage of the cancer.


Vaginal Cancer

When malignant cells (cancer causing cells) are formed in the female reproductive area then it could cause vaginal cancer. Bleeding is one symptom. HPV can increase the risk of this type of cancer.


Penile Cancer

HPV that is spread through intercourse can also cause penile cancer in men. Some of the symptoms are redness, soreness, lumps and bleeding.


Oral Cancer

Some types of oral cancers can also spread through intercourse. Mouth cancer and throat cancer may cause pain while swallowing food. Also, persistent mouth ulcers, sudden weight loss and sore throat could mean something is wrong. If it is diagnosed, then radiation, surgery or chemotherapy are prescribed depending upon the stage of the cancer.



The best way to prevent these types of cancers is by going for a HPV vaccine. Though a vaccine may not be able to prevent all types of cancers, it can minimise the chances of oral, cervical and anal cancers.

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