Diwali: 7 Quick Preventive Tips For Asthamatics

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Diwali, the most awaited festival of the Hindus is just around. Cleaning the home, bursting crackers along with having rich delicacies and visiting friends and families remain customary for Diwali.

Well, all these could be a little troublesome for those suffering from asthma during the festival. They need to be extra cautious during the festival so that their condition does not get worse. So, for asthamatics we have listed here a few preventive tips that will help them stay safe.

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The smoke from bursting of crackers and the dust from cleaning poses a great threat for asthamatics; hence, it is highly essential to be careful so that the problem does not aggravate and you miss out on the celebration.

Taking care of the food one eats during the festival is also equally important as this can also have a significan impact on one's health.

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As the famous saying goes - Prevention is better than cure; so here is a list of few preventive tips for asthamatics that can help them keep away from further aggravation of their condition during Diwali. Take a look.


1. Staying Away From Cleaning:

Cleaning the house is one of the major works that happens during Diwali. The dust emanated during cleaning can pose a serious problem for asthamatics and it might affect their breathing. Hence, they should avoid this work and stay away from it.


2. Avoid Contact With Fireworks:

Bursting crackers during diwali is something which everyone does. But the harmful smoke emanating from the bursting of firecrackers might trigger problems for asthamatics.


3.It Is Best To Stay Indoors:

For those suffering from asthma it is better to stay indoors during the few days of Diwali. Due to the bursting of crackers everywhere, the air will be polluted and direct exposure might affect asthamatics.


4.Keep Your Inhalers Handy:

Asthamatics should always keep their inhalers handy, especially during the festival season. Should there be any emergency situation, they can quickly use the inhaler.


5. Healthy Diet A Must:

Oily and spicy foods should be avoided, especially during the festival season. One should make it a point to stick to a healthy food regime in order to prevent any asthamatic attack. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help asthamatics.


6. Drink Plenty Of Water:

Keeping oneself hydrated is a must for asthamatics. Those suffering from asthma should make it a point to drink lots of water.


7. Seek Doctor's Help:

Despite all the preventive measures, if asthamatics find any difficulty in breathing or if there is any kind of uneasiness then they should immediately check it out with a doctor and seek required medical intervention.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 27, 2016, 10:47 [IST]
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