Different Ways To Include Water In Your Diet

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We have heard about drinking water to keep our body hydrated, but apart from this, there are several other ways to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Here, we discuss ways to include water in diet. Read on.

According to studies, healthy women should ingest about 11 cups (91 oz.) of water, whereas healthy men should drink around 15 cups (125 oz.) of water a day, either by drinking it directly or by consuming foods rich in water content.

Your daily diet should include a mix of water and water-infused foods that will help to lose weight and also keep your body hydrated.

Here are different ways to include water in your diet.


1. Drink Water In Every Two Hours

According to experts, you should drink water in every two hours to make sure your body is hydrated and healthy. Drinking water in every two hours can help to get rid of excess weight in the body. If you have dark yellow coloured urine, it is a strong indication that you should drink more water. For people who are healthy and have the sufficient amount of water in the body have light yellow coloured urine on staying for long.


2. Add Flavour To Your Water

Accept the fact that water is tasteless and therefore most of them don't love to taste the water. However, there are several options to make your water tasty. You should not add fake sugars, which are zero calorie sweeteners, as it may not lead to weight loss but instead lead to weight gain. However, you can add electrolyte powder to the water, which helps to add flavour to the liquid. It not only helps to boost the density of bones but also helps to improve the taste of water.


3. Green Ice Tea

You should opt to drink green ice tea to include water in the body. Due to the large amount of antioxidants and flavonoids, green ice tea not only helps to boost metabolism in the body, but also helps to keep your skin hydrated. One important thing you should remember is, you should refrain from adding any extra sweeteners to the ice tea. However, you should cut down on soda intake and increase the amount of green tea to aid weight loss.


4. Eat Water-rich Food

You should include food that contains a high amount of water in it. Add fruits such as apples, watermelon, etc., as they help to increase the level of water in the body and also to maintain the level of vitamins in it. You should try munching more of tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, oranges and many such veggies that contain a high amount of water.


5. Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is also known as carbonated water, which helps to satiate your thirst for soda craving. Sparkling water helps to satiate your thirst without making you consume the high-sugar carbonated beverage. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you should take into consideration the amount of sodium carbonate in it. Due to the release of CO2, drinking an excess amount of sparkling water may lead to gas and bloating problems.


6. Water In Soups

Apart from sparking water, food and water-rich fruits, water in a soup can also help to produce a high amount of water in the body. You should include enough amount of veggies and water-rich food in the soup, as it can help to attain a minimum level of water. Take some vegetables, put them in the grinder with the brooth and have the pureed soup.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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