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Difference Between Asthma & Wheezing

By: Ajanta Sen

Wheezing happens when the tiny airways of your lungs become contracted or narrow. This makes it very difficult for you to breathe and it can result in a whistling sound while you breathe out.

On the other hand, asthma is a malady that is defined by the reversible hindrances of the smaller airways due to the frequent bronchospasms.

Thus, wheezing is one of the numerous symptoms of asthma where concoction of mucus, inflammation and muscle tightening can trigger the contraction of the airways.

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This is the most significant difference between asthma and wheezing.

Thus, the trademark of asthma is the irregular wheezing incidents. However, an asthmatic patient can experience wheezing along with the various other symptoms like chest stiffness.

Difference between asthma and wheezing

In order to acquaint yourself with exhaustive information on asthma and wheezing differences, you could check out the following points.

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Difference Between The Causes Of Asthma & Wheezing

Asthma is caused by dust, smoke, pollution, pollen, chemical fumes, strong odours, pets, cold air and particular foods. On the other hand, wheezing can be caused by poisonous gases, high fever, laborious exercises and respiratory allergies.

Difference Between The Categorization Of Asthma & Wheezing

Wheezing is a symptom, whereas asthma is a respiratory disease.

Difference between asthma and wheezing

Pathological Difference Between Asthma & Wheezing

Asthma is defined by persistent inflammatory response of the airways along with the hypersensitivity of the bronchial wall. Wheezing is triggered by the bronchial hypersensitivity.

Difference Between The Diagnosis Of Asthma & Wheezing

Asthma is diagnosed by your clinical history and can be verified with the peak expiratory flow metre. Wheezing can normally be diagnosed by hearing the chest through a stethoscope.

Difference between asthma and wheezing

Difference Between The Symptoms Of Asthma & Wheezing

The most common symptoms of asthma include recurrent cough during the night, shortness of breath, chest pain or chest tightness, fatigue, signs of cold like sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, headache, nasal congestion, etc., and wheezing.

Wheezing is one of the symptoms of asthma. The main sign of wheezing is the whistling sound which takes place when the bronchial tubes that carry air to your lungs become constricted due to mucus accumulation or swelling.

Wheezing is a symptom of asthma; however, if you have wheezing, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have asthma. Wheezing is also caused sometimes due to some allergies or viral infections, especially in kids.

Difference between asthma and wheezing

Difference Between The Types Of Asthma & Wheezing

There are 9 different types of wheezing that are cardiac wheeze, laryngospasm, throat inflammation, kidney failure, dry throat, obstruction in upper airway, secretions, heart failure and bronchospasm.

There are various kinds of asthma such as asthma due to allergies, cough variant asthma, asthma due to strenuous exercise, occupational asthma (caused due to workplace triggers), nocturnal asthma and cardiac asthma.

Difference between asthma and wheezing

Difference Between The Treatment of Asthma & Wheezing

Asthma is a malady that needs a long-term treatment and it continues until all the symptoms have subsided. For one single incident of wheezing, you need symptomatic treatment only. This is the difference between asthma and wheezing.

Asthma is normally treated with the help of preventers (like steroids) and symptom controllers (beta-agonists). In order to prevent the regular asthmatic episodes steroids are used, whereas in order to check the wheezing incidents the symptom controllers are used.

All the medicines that are given to the asthmatic patients are administered by the means of nebulisation or inhalers.

Thus, we see that in order to prevent the frequent asthmatic episodes, it is very essential to prevent ourselves from the exposure to the allergens.

Apart from the prevention, asthmatic patients also need a lot of psychological as well as social support. When all the asthma symptoms are controlled appropriately, an asthmatic patient can start living a completely normal life.

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Story first published: Friday, July 22, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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