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Wheezing: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment
Wheezing is a respiratory disorder and usually, it can be identified by a high-pitched whistling sound while you exhale and in severe cases when you inhale. Caused by inflamed or narrowed airways, over a period of time, wheezing can lead to ...
7 Ways To Reduce Your Wheezing Naturally
Wheezing occurs when there is an inflammation and narrowing of the airways. The most common causes are asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), both of which cause narrowing and spasms in the small airways of the lungs . Other common ...
How To Stop Wheezing Naturally
How To Stop Wheezing Without An Inhaler?
Wheezing has turned quite common these days and we definitely see plenty of people around us who are troubled by this issue. Wheezing is referred to as a symptom of a respiratory disorder. This occurs with a tightening in the throat. ...
20 Cancer Symptoms That Women Are Likely To Ignore
The best way to put an end to cancer before it spreads and becomes worse is to identify its symptoms when they are at their beginning stages. Certain cancers cannot be found out through screening or tests. Hence, the best way ...
Twenty Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore
Is Your Breathing Trouble Asthma Or Something Worse?
Difficulty in breathing, chest tightness and wheezing are some of the hallmark symptoms of asthma. Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the bronchial airways that can make breathing a big struggle. Asthma attacks are on the rise, mainly due to our ...
Is Your Breathing Trouble Asthma Or Something Worse
Difference Between Asthma & Wheezing
Wheezing happens when the tiny airways of your lungs become contracted or narrow. This makes it very difficult for you to breathe and it can result in a whistling sound while you breathe out. On the other hand, asthma is a ...
Cough And Cold Medication May Harm Kids
Cough and cold medications may have an adverse impact on children less than 2 years, according to a new study. Researchers suggest that physicians need to counsel parents about the use of these potentially dangerous medications. The study from Emergency Medicine ...
Cough Cold Medication Harm Kids
Cats May Protect Children Against Asthma
Apart from your love for the animal, here"s another reason that might prompt you to own a cat – a new study has revealed that early life exposure to cats can prevent asthma among children as they reach age five. ...
Cats Protect Kids Asthma Allergy
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