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Did You Know These Surprising Causes For Bad Breath?

Imagine a situation in which you are talking to a friend and all you can think of is, whether it would be rude to tell your friend that he/she has bad breath and needs some mouth-wash, ASAP!

Well, surely many of us would have been at that awkward place or, sometimes, we ourselves would have been told by people to take care of our bad breath problem - embarrassing, right?!

Having a pungent odour coming from your mouth, especially when you are talking to people can be a huge turn off and it is also a sign of poor oral hygiene.

Did you know that bad breath can also be a sign of poor health? Whatever the reason maybe for your bad breath be, it is a condition that needs an immediate attention and one should definitely get rid of it.

Not maintaining good oral hygiene, not brushing your teeth at least twice in a day, not treating cavities and not using a good mouth-wash - all these habits can lead to the development of bad breath.

Here are some other little known causes for bad breath that you might want to know, have a look!

1. Missing Out On Your Breakfast

Research studies say that when you skip breakfast, the saliva glands in your mouth are not active enough, causing dryness in the mouth. When your mouth gets dry, it automatically gives out a bad, stale odour.

So, make sure that you do not skip out on a healthy breakfast in the morning.

2. Not Flossing Your Teeth

Many a times, we brush our teeth and gargle our mouths using a mouth-wash. But, we often forget to develop the habit of flossing our teeth. There are a lot of food particles and plaque wedged between our teeth that can help in the growth of bacteria which cause bad breath.

A brush cannot get into the tiny spaces between your teeth, so flossing regularly is very important if you want to get rid of bad breath.

3. Consuming Excess Protein

It is said that consuming foods that are rich in protein, in excess, or consuming protein supplements which help in building muscle can also cause bad breath to a considerable extent. It is advised that protein intake should be limited if you are already suffering from the problem of bad breath.

Hence, keep these pointers in mind and follow a proper oral hygiene to avoid the embarrassment!

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