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Common Signs Of Chronic Fatigue You Should Be Aware Of

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Excess work can make you feel tired, exhausted or fatigued. In such cases proper rest is all that one needs. A few hours or days of rest and the fatigue and tiredness just vanishes. But in certain cases the fatigue just does not go away despite taking the needed rest. This is a symptom of chronic fatigue.

Failing to understand the signs of chronic fatigue, most of us keep on popping in painkillers in order to get immediate relief. This is one major mistake that we do. Continuous usage of painkillers can lead to a lot of side effects that are harmful for the body.

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So in order to get rid of chronic fatigue and to manage fatigue, the first thing one needs to do is to understand the cause and work towards getting rid of the cause.

Getting the correct treatment at the right time is highly important. If left untreated, chronic fatigue might lead to depression, excess weight loss and a host of other serious health issues.

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A few of the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue are listed here. Have a look.


1. Not Able To Sleep:

Despite several attempts you make to fall asleep you are not able to sleep. If this has been continuing for long then you might be suffering from chronic fatigue.


2. Not Able To Concentrate:

It isn't just a feeling of tiredness but if you are not able to concentrate on your work or have trouble in focusing and you are distracted too often, then it is a sign that you are suffering from chronic fatigue.


3. Feeling Exhausted & Fatigue Even After Rest:

When you work physically or if you are engrossed in certain serious mental activity then there is a tendency to feel tired and fatigued. The symptoms subside with proper rest. But if this does not go off then this is a sign of chronic fatigue.


4. Constant Headache & Joint Pain:

If you are too tired and physically exhausted, then having headaches or for that matter joint pains could be a common thing. But when the headache and joint pain prolongs despite taking medicines then it is a sign of chronic fatigue.


5. Constant Anxiety:

If you have that apprehensive feeling or if you constantly have that feeling of anxiety for a long period of time then you need to get it checked. It is one of the symptoms of constant fatigue.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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