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8 Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Sleep Problem (Insomnia) During Menstruation

Stomach bloating, cramps and severe pain during menstruation makes it difficult for one to get a good night's sleep. If you are one among the sufferers then all these can be avoided with certain changes in lifestyle and food habits.

It isn't just the pain and cramps, but women are engulfed with lot of health issues during their periods. Irritation, mood swings, breast tenderness, back ache and fatigue are a few other issues that women face during their menstruation.

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Periods affecting your sleep is one of the major issues and this further leads to a host of other related health problems as well.

So what exactly leads to sleep problem and insomnia during menstruation? Hormonal changes is one of the major factors. The oestrogen and progesterone levels drop down the moment you start having your periods. This is one of the factors that leads to problem during sleeping.

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Having a balanced diet and making a few changes in one's lifestyle are highly essential in order to have a good night's sleep during menstruation. Here are a few tips to sleep better during menstruation. Take a look.


1. Avoid Caffeine-Containing Products:

Caffeine-containing food items like coffee and tea provide stimulation and drive away sleep. You drink coffee and tea to ease menstrual pain and cramps. But this also affects one's sleep in a negative way. Hence it should be completely avoided during periods.


2. Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime:

Alcohol might trigger sleep, but it is not that deep a sleep. It does not make one refreshed when you wake up. Hence, alcohol before bedtime especially when you are menstruating should be avoided.


3. Avoid Exercise Before Bedtime:

Heavy exercises during your periods are a strict no, more so if done just before going to bed. But getting a light exercise like brisk walk or jogging helps one to get a good night's sleep.


4. Get Enough Of Vitamin D:

Sunlight is one of the major sources of vitaminn D. Going out in the sun and taking vitamin D supplements in adequate quantities are essential to produce the hormone (leptin) that tells you when your stomach is full. This prevents stomach bloating and makes way for a good sleep.


5. Increase Intake Of Liquids:

Drink lots of liquids as this helps in flushing out the sodium from the body and prevents stomach bloating. Stomach bloating is one of the major factors that affects good sleep during periods.


6. Check For Calcium Intake:

An adequate amount of calcium intake helps in preventing stomach bloating which in turn improves the quality of sleep especially when one is menstruating.


7. Avoid Heavy Snacks:

Heavy snacks or eating heavy just before going to bed is not a good idea, especially during your periods. Your stomach will be full and it takes time to digest. This in turn affects your sleep.


8. Include Nuts:

If you feel hungry just around your bedtime then it is good to munch a few nuts. It helps sleep better.

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