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These Few Natural Ways Help Prevent Cardiac Arrest; Check It Out!

Can you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cardiac arrest? You might think that it is totally impossible. But yes, you can prevent it. In order to do so there are certain natural ways that one can follow in order to prevent cardiac arrest.

It can be noted that cardiac arrest was also one of the major health issues that led to the demise of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa just a few days ago.

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What happens when you have a cardiac arrest? The heart actually stops beating, the pulse stops and the victim of cardiac arrest suddenly loses consciousness. The body's natural electrical activity gets affected and it is not able to pump the blood to the body.

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But one need not worry. Following certain precautionary measures, right from the intake of food, the exercises that you do every day and your lifestyle modification will certainly help in preventing cardiac arrest.

Here is a list of a few of the natural ways to prevent cardiac arrest. Take a look.



Walking for an hour or at least 2kms every day, either on a treadmill or just walking will help prevent one from getting cardiac arrest. Along with this a bit of stretching that will lead one to sweat will help.


2. Water:

Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning will help in stabilizing the heart rate and thus prevent any sudden cardiac arrest.


3. Healthy Diet:

Having a balanced diet every day, that comprises of fibre, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins and other essential nutrients is very important to keep heart problems at bay.


4. Avoid Saturated Fat:

Foods containing saturated fats should to avoided, especially those having a family history of heart problem.


5. Avoid Smoking:

Those who indulge in smoking cigarettes are at a high risk of developing blood clots and this is one of the major causes for heart problems and cardiac arrest is just one of them.


6.Avoid Alcohol:

Drinking too much of alcohol will lead to an increase in the intake of fats and calories. These are the two factors which further increase the risk of developing obesity, heart problems and cardiac arrest as well.


7.Reducing Stress:

Stress is one of the chief causes that increases the risk of heart problems, particularly cardiac arrest. When the stress hormones get into the bloodstream they increase the risk of cardiac arrest.


8. Garlic & Honey:

Known since ancient times, garlic and honey are the two best natural home remedies. Have one-two cloves of garlic with honey every day on an empty stomach in the morning. This helps reduce the risk of getting cardiac arrest.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 11:15 [IST]
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