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Avoid These Foods If You Are Suffering From Blood Pressure

By: Debdatta Mazumder

High blood pressure is one of those silent creepers that appears suddenly and then brings with it a lot of health ailments. Today, maximum people suffer from high blood pressure and many of them also ignore it.

And that is dangerous. Ignoring it at the initial stage may bring severe situations.

Now, before discussing anything about high BP, you should know what that is. The blood flows through your arteries and this creates a pressure.

If this pressure increases beyond the normal level, people suffer from high blood pressure. Often, it is also known as hypertension when the blood that flows through your arteries flows at a high speed.

The consequences of high BP can be dangerous to your health. When blood flows at a high speed, your heart gets that extra strain. If not treated earlier, you might have to face the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

This is not the only danger you might face. High blood pressure can also cause kidney diseases, affect your central nervous system, cause an impaired vision, result in a sexual dysfunction, etc.

Do you have any idea that your present lifestyle has many things to do with high BP? Eating fast foods, smoking and drinking, stress and depression, skipping exercises, etc, can cause high BP; and if you already have it, then it may make things worse for you.

If you have high BP, you have to concentrate on your food habits. Therefore, listed here are some of the food items that you should strictly avoid if you have high BP. Read on to know more.


1. Processed Foods:

If someone has high BP, he/she should avoid foods with a high sodium concentration. Processed and canned foods are rich sources of high sodium. So, say a big no to all of those foods.


2. Alcohol:

How can you think of drinking while you have high blood pressure? Alcohol damages the walls of your blood vessels and therefore makes blood flow strenuous. It is also responsible for raising your blood pressure level.


3. Salt:

Excessive sodium consumption directly damages the blood vessels and the heart by elevating your blood pressure level. Use little salt in cooking and always avoid having table salt while eating something.


4. Red Meat:

You can have a little amount of trans-fat. Red meat is one of those foods that is a good source of polyunsaturated fats. It deposits on the walls of your blood vessels and thereby restricts blood flow. Thus, your blood pressure increases.


5. Sugar:

Obesity is one of the main reasons for high blood pressure. And sugar helps you to gain more weight. The excessive weight hampers blood circulation to your heart and makes the blood flow slow down. Therefore, avoid sugar and sugary beverages.


6. Bottled Pickles:

It is true that pickles are low in calories, but they are also sources of high concentrated sodium that can raise your blood pressure above the normal level. Thus, avoid having this food immediately.


7. Seafoods:

These are also rich sources of sodium. Yes, foods like clams, prawns, squids, etc., have nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. However, the sodium content in them is not good for people with a high BP.

So, these are the foods you should not eat if you have high BP. Besides following a good food habit, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep such a problem at bay.

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Story first published: Friday, July 22, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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