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Ardha Chandrasana Or Half Moon Pose To Reduce Breast Size

By: Mona Verma

Yoga mythology is quite rich and advanced. You name a problem for which yoga doesn't provide you with the pose. Sun and Moon have rich importance in the Yoga mythology.

There is a technique known as Hatha Yoga, which signifies two polar energies of the human body. Hatha is the compilation of two words - Ha+ Tha, which signify the Solar and lunar energies, respectively.

This asana is derived from the Sanskrit term "Ardha", which means half, and "Chandra", which means hue of light, also a synonym of Moon.

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The utmost important thing for this asana is, it ought to be performed on an empty stomach, or you must consume your meals at least four to six hours prior to performing this pose, in order to well digest the food, as energy is ready to be released.

The best results of yoga are seen and practiced at dawn or dusk.

Ardha Chandrasana

A feminine beauty is recognised by a physique the woman has, and it is the desire of every female to have appealing and attractive breasts.

Heavy breasts, often have a negative impact on your body, which obviously becomes a matter of serious concern. It can cause premature sagging, breast cancer, arthritis and even back pain.

Hence, in such a case, you need perform some exercises, and again, YES, the answer is Yoga. We are talking about the right pose to reduce your bust size.

Besides burning the fat, this pose also helps to give a good shape to your breasts, along with tightening it. You also reduce unwanted weight, besides toning up your body.

In fact, you'll be shocked to know that your breast is the first part in the body that has the effect of losing the weight.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Perform The Asana

Step 1: Start this asana from the right side. Just tilt 90 degrees and keep your left hand on your left hip. While bending your right knee, just inhale and raise your left foot perpendicular to the ground. Simultaneously, keep your right hand forward to the side of right foot.

Step 2: Now, while pressing your right hand and right heel stiffly on the ground, keep your right leg straight and the left leg should be parallel to the ground. Your knee cap should be absolutely straight.

Ardha Chandrasana

Step 3: While lending your left hip slightly forward, rotate your upper torso to the left. The head should be in the neutral position and you should be looking straight.

Step 4: Your entire body weight will be on one leg; and just take the support of your lower hand or the side on which you are bending, in order to regulate the balance. You gain energy from earth like this. Gradually, you'll be able to balance, instead of a single-day practice.

Ardha Chandrasana

Step 5: Maintain the pose for 30-60 seconds, and gradually get your leg down, back to the position while exhaling and get back to Trikonasana, from which you started. Perform the same pose with the other leg.

Starting Point
You may face difficulty in bending and balancing on one side and touching the floor with one hand. Keep a stool or a small table initially for the support. Gradually, be on yourself and start performing it individually. Keep on decreasing the height as you feel comfortable in doing the pose on a regular basis.

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Benefits Of The Asana

• Improves the digestion process

• Helps in strengthening the ankles, buttocks, upper thighs and spine

• Reduces the busts

• Acts as a stress buster

• Teaches how to balance the body better

People suffering from migraine, insomnia, low blood pressure, headache and diarrhoea should make sure not to perform this asana, or should not look straight up while in the pose. Instead they must look down and try to perform this asana carefully.

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