Adverse Effects Of Medication

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A side effect of a medicine is any undesirable effect of the medicine that you are taking. There are certain medicines that have certain side effects on individuals taking it and sometimes have proved to be fatal.

Many people may have adverse effects from blood pressure level medicines. They occasionally wear off with time, or your physician or nurse can adjust your medications to get rid of them. Any medicine may have adverse effects, and blood pressure level medicines are no different.

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This does not mean that you will definitely have adverse effects from all medicines. Most individuals who take blood pressure level medicines may have no problems at all.

what are the side effects of medication

There is usually no way to know if you will have adverse effects from your medicine. If you do, you will normally notice them right after beginning a brand new medication, or if the dose of the medication is increased.

Different people may have different adverse effects through the same medicine. Other people taking the same medication will not have any cough, but might feel dizzy or have an upset stomach. In case you have problems with one medicine, this does not mean that other medicines will give you adverse effects.

what are the side effects of medication

Most medications will come with an information leaflet which may have a list of known adverse effects. If you are concerned about your medicines, it is best to talk to your physician, nurse or pharmacist. Sometimes certain medicines might react with some other medicines you are taking.

Ensure that the physician or nurse knows about all the medications you are taking. Many adverse effects wear off with time, as the body adjusts to the medication you are taking.

what are the side effects of medication

You might be able to take a lowered dose of your medication, on its own or jointly with another medication. Taking several medications at lower doses can be effective. Your physician or nurse might change your medicines entirely.

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