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Strange Uses Of These Daily Medications


Aspirin, vaporub, cough syrup are some medications we turn to when we are sick. These medications have properties which help to treat and get rid of the infections in your body.

For example, aspirin is prescribed to treat headaches, prevent blood clotting and some even consume it to get rid of common cold. What if we told you there are other medical uses of aspirin? Recent studies show that this little pill can help in healing insect bites, fighting hair problems like dandruff, curing acne and much more.


Likewise, there are a few more medications which have properties that help to treat other health issues. Boldsky has shared with you a handful of medications which have strange uses. You might want to take a look at them:


Its Use - Aspirin is commonly used to relieve headaches, treat common cold and muscle aches. In some cases, doctors prescribe this medication for stroke and heart patients, because it helps in thinning the blood and preventing clots. Aspirin is also known to prevent certain types of cancer.

Unusual Use - The strange use of this medication is it helps to treat insect bites and get rid of dandruff. You can also use aspirin to treat acne and other mild skin problems.

How To Use - Crush three pills and add water to the powder to make a paste. Mix this paste with shampoo and use it to treat dandruff. To treat insect bites, apply the paste directly on the bite and allow it to dry.

Tip - Aspirin contains salicylic acid. So, if your skin feels irritated after application, rinse it off immediately.

Cough Syrup

Its Use - Cough syrups like benadryl help in soothing your throat. It also gets rid of the infection and treats common cold too.

Unusual Use - Today, experts state that this cough syrup can cure health problems like motion sickness and insomnia.

How To Use -Diphenhydramine is present in cough syrups. This ingredient affects the histamine in the body. So, when the histamine levels go low, you feel sleepy.

Tip - An overdose of this cough syrup is not good for the brain. So, be careful on how much you consume.


Its Use - As toddlers when we are sick, the first thing every worried mom does is rub a little vapourub on our head and chest. Vaporub which is commonly known as vicks gel has other strange uses too, apart from providing relief to a stuffy nose.

Unusual Use - Today, experts state that vaporub is also used to treat headaches. It also plays an important role in treating nail fungus and helping to get rid of splinters and little cuts.

How To Use - The presence of menthol helps to cure an aching head. Thymol, camphor and eucalyptus oil are anti-fungal properties which treats that ugly nail fungus. Applying a little vapourub on the affected area is the best way to solve the problem.

Tip - If your skin feels irritated after application, rinse it off immediately.


Its Use - Toothpaste is generally used to clean your teeth and make them sparkling white. It also helps to treat cavities and protect your enamel from turning yellow. But there are other strange uses for toothpaste, which will leave you shocked.

Unusual Use - Today, you can use toothpaste to cure and get rid of pimples, blemishes, cuts and bruises. All you need to do is apply a little paste on the affected area. The paste fights the bacteria in the pimple and removes the excess oil.

Tip - If your skin feels irritated after application, rinse it off immediately.

Mouth Wash

Its Use - Listerine is one of the best mouth washes you can use to help treat bad breath and other oral problems. But, take a look at the other strange uses of listerine.

Unusual Use - Stinky feet, lice and dandruff can be gotten rid of with listerine. Soak your feet in listerine solution to treat foot odour. Rinse your hair with this medication to get rid of a flaky scalp and lice.

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